Awaken the Muse

Awaken the muse. That’s something I have heard more times in the last month than I have my entire life. With my sense of humor, I printed up a picture of the muses from Hercules and added that to my NaNo survival kit. It didn’t help, most likely because my dog ate like half of it before NaNo even started. He likes paper. None of us know why. It’s amazing he hasn’t needed surgery to remove a wad of paper from his intestines yet.

Anyway, during the third week of NaNo especially I had a problem ‘waking the muse’. Somewhat problematic because I was behind on my word count already.

Normally I would scroll through Pinterest, searching for pictures, but on Pinterest I tend to get distracted, instead pinning cookie recipes and Doctor Who theories. So that wouldn’t work.

Most of November I was too distracted to read, coffee wasn’t doing it (most likely ’cause it was decaf, caffeine makes me sick), and even lack of sleep which I attempted one night wasn’t doing it.

Finally I found it. Music. My Spotify playlist went from like fifteen songs to forty. Sad music, exciting music, happy music all went in.

It turned out that how and what I was writing would depend on what song I was listening to at the time. If I wanted to write a scary scene, I would listen to scary, heart pounding music. Happy scene, happy cheerful music.

That’s how I awaken the muse. What are your tricks for waking that often snoozing muse?


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