I think most of my friends are afraid to text me anymore.

At least, when I say something like “Hey, I need help with something.”


I’ve asked one to many writing questions at this point. And I ask people the questions that either Google can’t answer or I’m too afraid to Google. Case in point with this one: “How to get blood of a car windshield”. I was taking about dragon’s blood, but I think I freaked my best friend out a little bit, and my cousin sent me a one-worded text: Windex.

Meanwhile, I was laughing hysterically as I read the texts of the first friend who kept asking stuff like “Oh my gosh, did your mom hit someone? Or an animal? Did you hit a deer? OH MY GOSH!” Eventually I told her it was for novel research. She told me she had no idea.

I’m still waiting for the third person I sent it to respond. I saw she read it, but I think I fried the little circuit in her brain that she saves for my crazy questions.

But please tell me I’m not the only one that does this.


(On another note, I made a signature for myself! What do you think?)



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