Of Christmas and Sundays

So, it’s Sunday. The day for curling up and reading, watching Doctor Who, The 100, and Sherlock until my brain rots or I get a headache, whichever comes first. The day that’s supposed to be relaxing and lazy.

But no. We’ve got a Christmas gift exchange to go to, I need to figure out what I’m getting people for Christmas (Stuff that seems super impressive and expensive but is actually like $10 or less, because I have very little money right now), as well as making something to bring to the gift exchange thing.

And it’s actually not really a gift exchange, we just call it that. Really, people go and show other people how to make stuff that those people can give to other people. I think we’re going to show people how to make beeswax candles.

And in other news, Heather Dixon has announced when her new book is coming out.

Isn’t the cover pretty? It’s supposed to come out May 19th. Makes me kinda sad that it’s so far away, but at the same time I’m really happy it’s finally been announced. I’m super excited for this, and I’ve already pre-ordered it.

Also, back to the Christmas thing.

I feel like this year all the Holidays are coming super early. I think that’s because we had a long summer, so I’m not prepared for anything. We put up our tree the first Friday of December, like we always do, but it felt too early. Most likely Christmas will come and I’ll be like, oh, great! It’s time for Thanksgiving!

It also doesn’t help that I’ve been forgetting things lately. I thought today was Monday the 8th, not Sunday the 7th.

Case in point, I’ve forgotten what else I was going to say.


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