Christmas Shopping (Whoop Whoop)

So, every year me and my friend go Christmas shopping together. It takes hours. Mostly ’cause we look in like 10 times more stores than we actually get stuff in, but hey, it’s fun. We walk around the mall and eat food court food and buy Christmas presents. And normally we’ve already done it by now.

But this year?

We haven’t done it yet. I actually think we’re going to see if we can go this Saturday, but that hasn’t been confirmed, yet.

And outside of that, do you want to know how much Christmas shopping I’ve done?

Exactly 0%

Kind of sad, actually. Normally I’ve been getting stuff since the beginning of November, but this year was different. I think it was because of the long summer, and it threw everything off. But anyways, want to see my Christmas gift list?


I don’t know why that’s so small…I made it bigger.

But anyways, this is my list:

I have no idea. At all.

I actually wrote that down. This year I’m just going to wing it and hope for the best. Also, if I had to, I could resort to my somewhat lacking sewing skills and make everyone bags.

Long story short, I’m toast.



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