That Last Post

That post I posted was supposed to go up a week ago. Here’s what has happened since I wrote that and didn’t post it:

-I’ve gotten a new idea for a novel (I’ll write more about that later)

-I have entered a fanfic contest. Let’s see how I do.

-I have started watching both Agent Carter and Agent’s of Shield. They are both equally awesome.

-I have read Ally Carter’s newest novel, All Fall Down (and it was amazing.)

So, all in all, a pretty good week.

But anyways, my newest novel-in-progress (NIP) will be called Masks. It’s a Young-Adult Fantasy, which is pretty much the only thing I actually write, though I do throw in sci-fi every once and a while.  But the basic plotline is a girl moves into this big old house, and finds a room full of very realistic leather animal masks. When you put a mask on, you turn into the animal the mask represents.

But I haven’t even named the main character yet, so it’s very, very WIP. But hopefully, hopefully, this is the novel I submit to get published. Or find an agent. Or self-publish, I don’t know, I just hope I do something with it that will end in complete strangers reading it.

And that sounds slightly creepy.

Anyway, you’ll get one more post today because I’m trying to make up for lost time, so see you in a few seconds! Sincerely,



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