Writing Lingo

I though I should do this so I can use all the writing shorthand on this blog. I don’t know if other writers use all this stuff, but this is what I use instead of text talk. It drives my friends crazy because I’ll send them paragraph-length texts with complete sentences and proper grammar, but I use this in real life.

You should know, I pronounce these how they’re spelled if they have a vowel in them. WIP is pronounced like whip. NIP is pronounced nip. Stuff like that. But MC is M.C. SP is S.P. Got it?

But enough chatter from me…here’s my writing dictionary (that’s not actually in alphabetic order)!

MC: Shorthand for Main Character

SP: Shorthand for Supporting Character

MNRC: Shorthand for MiNoR Character

WIP: Work in Progress

NIP: Novel in Progress

Ship: Just like a ship in a fandom, expect it’s two of my own characters and they will get together

Pinterest: The one and only way to get visual references on everything (Speaking of Pinterest, you can find my writing account as Quill and Ink)

Editing: Slow and agonizing torture

Chocolate/Coffee: The only things that keep me from sobbing

Why did I decide to do this?: I am exhausted, pretty much brain-dead, hormonal and hungry. I am currently wondering why I even decided to try writing. Give me food and Netflix, and check in on me in the morning.

I’m sure there are more, but this are the ones I use most often. I might update this post every so often, I don’t know.

But you should not, I won’t let a month go between posts again. I will not let this blog go like I have with my last two. I swear.




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