In Honor of Valentine’s Day…

Today I’ll be talking about my favorite fictional couples. A.K.A, ships.

Now, if you’re part of a fandom you know what shipping is. If not, shipping is the pairing of two characters together (Ex: Harry and Ginny). They can be canon (Ron and Hermione) or noncanon (Harry and Hermione).

I am part of many fandoms, and so I have many ships. I’m just going to list off a few.

PercyXAnnabeth (Percy Jackson)

LeoXCalypso (Percy Jackson)

HarryXGinny (Harry Potter)

LupinXTonks (Harry Potter)

StilesXMalia (Teen Wolf)

TenXRose (Doctor Who)

ElevenXClara (Doctor Who)

VastraXJenny (Doctor Who)

SherlockXMolly (Sherlock)

You get the picture. But everyone has the one ship that they love most of all. Your OTP. One True Pairing. And my OTP?

Wait for it.

FitzSimmons (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)

They are amazingly cute.

What are some of your favorite ships? Or even your OTP?


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