My Writing Survival Kit

I originally started it for NaNoWriMo. Then I realized how great it was and now it’s just my Writing Survival Kit that becomes my NaNo Survival Kit for November. I thought, you know, I might as well list the stuff I have in it, just because. I also don’t have anything else to blog about today. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

So, first off, my Survival Kit is stored in this black basket-type thing that has all these colorful polka dots. It’s very cheerful yet not pop-out-at-you neon, which was what I wanted (and it was free). And it’s big enough to hold all the stuff I have crammed in there.

It currently holds:

The Baby Name Wizard: The baby name book I got for my birthday. It’s super cool, has all these interesting names and the brother/sister names are scarily accurate. Here’s the link

Notebook: This is where I write my random notes down, everything from character name ideas to plot twists. It’s a big, jumbled mess.

Notepad: This is strictly for ideas. Nothing else goes in it. I would protect this little thing with…well, maybe not my life, but I would sacrifice a finger or two to keep it.

Pens and Pencils: Because of course. The pen also has one of those rubbery thingies on the end that you can use on an Iphone screen.

Flash drive: I actually got this flash drive for free from the local library for reading for 100 hours last summer. For something that’s less than a gigabyte, it’s still got quite an impressive amount of space left on it.

Note Cards: Mostly for character stuff…sometimes for plot stuff. I don’t use these much, but when I do I use like fifty at a time.

Sticky Notes: I use these things for everything. Plot developments, title ideas…everything. The back of my door is covered in ones that are names that I like.

Slippers, fluffy socks, & fingerless gloves: For when it’s cold and/or when I decide I want to write in the freezing cold when I’m waiting for the ferry.

Dark Chocolate: Every once in a while I’ll come upon a bar of dark chocolate (when I win games a baby showers/wedding showers, ect) and when I do, it goes in there.

My Writing Mascot: I was told I should get a unicorn by several people, but since I wasn’t leaping for buying a 40+ dollar four-foot unicorn plush, I turned to my own stuffed animal stash. I picked the weirdest one I had. That one turned out to be a squid.


His name is Inker. It has nothing to do with my blogging name, I promise.

But that’s my writing survival kit. How many of you have one, and what’s in it?

Happy Thursday,



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