Mystery Weekend: Day One

So, every year my Grandparent’s town does what they call Mystery Weekend. You go around, collect clues, and interview the various suspects. And despite living 45 minutes and a ferry ride away from it, this is the first year I’ve actually done it. I loved it.

First thing on Saturday morning I went down to the “Mystery Headquarters” (the visitor’s center) to wait in line to get my map, newspaper, and whatever information I needed for it.

The line was actually longer than I expected.


In this picture I’m…oh…ten yards from the Mystery HQ? Maybe a little bit more. This might not seem like a long line, but for 10AM in a small town this line is huge. Seriously, a Langley traffic jam is three cars at a stop sign.

So anyways, I get down to the HQ, pay, and get my little packet with the map, list of stores participating, and information on the timing.


The theme of this Mystery Weekend was a new comedy club had opened in town, and the sponsor or headliner or something was killed the night before the club was supposed to open.

But anyways, as well as the paper you see me holding, you also get a fake newspaper published just for Mystery Weekend every year.

IMG_3173It’s funny, because all the people have names like you would find in a mystery novel, and most of the people have been doing this for years. You could go around and ask the suspects questions to try to piece together the murder.

What I decided to do was collect all the clues the first day and go and interview people the second day, when it was less crowded. I was originally going to do this with my cousin and my brother, but after three clues they insisted we go down onto the beach.


This was the last I saw of the them. I just left them on the beach. When I went up to my Grandma’s for lunch, I found them on the couch with root beer and baked beans. But, honestly, this thing stuck me as more of my kind of thing, anyway. They would have liked it more if it involved climbing through bushes and hiding out in the houses and dodging kidnappers. You know, Nancy Drew-style.

But once I left those two behind, I went to the “Scene of the Crime”.


This is where the body had been found. She had recently had a birthday party, the night before she died, so it was her purse and her birthday gifts that had been found. But her purse was missing her wallet, and her $5,000 birthday check was missing, too.

Part of the weekend is the Coroner’s report, which is delivered at 1PM on Saturday. After lunch I went down to the park where it’s held, and, much to my delight, saw two teenagers cosplaying as the tenth and eleventh Doctors. There might have been a ninth Doctor, too, but I didn’t see anyone like that.

I was going to ask for a picture after the report, but they vanished, so I had to settle with the slightly blurry picture of Eleven that had ended up in my shot of the crowd waiting for the report.


See him? Bow tie and sonic screwdriver and everything.

The report, which was what I had actually come down for, was instantly helpful. The person who had been killed had a shallow scrape across her cheek, a cut on her thumb (which from one of the clues I found out it was from a letter opener that was a birthday present), and four small puncture wounds at the base of her other thumb.

These where the suspects:

PicMonkey Collage

Three of them were checked off at once. Two more where very unlikely. And since I doubted either of the kids would have done it I checked them off, as well.

By the end of the day I had a pile of clues, a scribbled-on newspaper and map, and a detective’s hat I had bought for $5 at a local store.


I was also more than a little bit confused, but the rest of the night I slowly pieced the clues together. The next day would help me piece together the horrendous murder.

Signing off, (Detective)



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