Mystery Weekend: Day Two

The next day I was up bright and early, raring to go. I had a list of people I wanted to interview, a list of questions, and my camera. I was down at Mystery HQ a little past 10:30, collecting the printed out coroner’s report I had forgotten to get the day before, then going to find the first person on the list: Josephine Curr, the niece of the victim and the person who had called the police. In one of the clues it had said she was a reptile/amphibian fanatic, and at the back of the newspaper there was a lost-pet add…for a yellow poison dart frog.

I found her easily enough. Another one of the clues had said that she had found a snake outside the murder scene, and I found out it was a rather small ball python. But, upon further questioning, she said the frog that was missing wasn’t hers. Rather discouraged, I stepped outside to be confronted by this guy:


He said the missing frog was his, and upon further questioning, he said it was poisonous. I thanked him, took his picture, then ran down to find my next person of interest: the cousin of the victim, Winnie Burl. She had been the one to find the body.

I actually didn’t get anything really useful out of her, but by then I had thought I had already pieced it together.

So all I had to do was wait until 4:30, when the murderer would be reveled.

It turned out to be (dun dun dun), Winnie Burl.

So I had gotten the wrong murdered. But I had guessed who had stolen the money (Vinnie something or other…he found the victim unconscious and took the opportunity to take the money), how she had gotten the bite marks on her thumb (a contractor put the ball python in her purse), and how she died (she touched poison dart from venom with the thumb that had been cut.). I just got the wrong person. I thought it was Claira Bella, the female clown from the school. I may have been prejudiced (I don’t like clowns. I was fine with Rusty because he was a foot and a half shorter and drinking hot chocolate when I found him), but it seemed like it was her.

So I didn’t get it right. But not many people did, I guess. Winnie seemed very innocent, like a sweet old lady, and everything was all twisted together like a real mystery novel. I give major props to the writer of this, because the whole time I was thinking, this women could write one heck of a mystery novel.

So I got it half right, but I had fun, and I’m totally going to be doing it next year.

And, before I forget, if your curious, here’s the link to the main page, and here’s the link to the solution.

Happy Thursday,



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