Oh, the frustrating process of naming characters.

I’m having trouble. So far my character’s names are: MC, SP1, SP2, and Antagonist. And I’m already five chapters into the novel.


But really, I guess partly the fault it mine, because all my names have to fall into one of these three rules:

1. No name that can be too closely related to one of my fandoms. That means, among others, no Roses, Marthas, Amys, Rorys, Percys, Leos, Jasons, Emmas,Henrys and so many more. And I’m in an insane number of fandoms.

2. No names that belong to people I know in real life. That way if my novel does get published no one gets offended if I have…say…a character named Ben who’s kind of a jerk.

3. No names I have used before…no matter how short-lived the project. This is more to make sure I don’t get characters confused, especially if I have, say, a boy named Ashton in one project and a girl named Ashton in another and accidentally switch ’em up.

But, on top of that, I’m a firm believer in finding the exact perfect name for a character. Just because I love the name Evening doesn’t mean that it would fit any old character.

Last names are easy. I just write down interesting street names and I have quite a stockpile, now. Come on, wouldn’t Wyndmere be a cool last name?

But yeah. Struggling with character names seem to be the new hurdle for me. It’s been happening more often then not.

I need another baby name book.

Happy Monday,



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