Book Review: The Faerie Ring

6715235The year is 1871…

Tiki has been making a home for herself and her family of orphans in a deserted hideaway adjoining Charing Cross Station in central London. Their only means of survival is by picking pockets. One December night, Tiki steals a ring, and sets off a chain of events that could lead to all-out war with the Fey. For the ring is a reservoir that holds a truce between the English royals and the world of the Fey. But there are many who want the ring, including the mysterious Rieker, a handsome pickpocket who has been watching Tiki, and a rebel group of UnSeelie fey who would do anything to break the truce…

A delicious blend of urban fantasy and heart-stopping suspense, the story of THE FAERIE RING takes you from the gritty slums of London to the glittering ballrooms of the Royal Palace to the menacing Otherworld – in a spellbinding tale of mystery and suspense where nothing is what it seems… (Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

In case you don’t remember, I recently reviewed the author this The Faerie Ring…the one and only Kiki Hamilton. She had offered to send me a signed book, which I accepted (with minor flailing and an excited text to a friend) . It arrived yesterday, and, as is typical, I’ve already finished it.

So I must review it!

Let’s start with the cover…at first glance it looks like a picture, yes? And it may have started as one, but the closer you look you can see it’s actually a painting…and quite a pretty one, two. If I could, I’d have it hanging on my wall. But anyways, the cover is fantastic, alluring and mysterious.

The main character, Tiki, is instantly likeable. A pickpocket who roams the streets of Victorian London dressed as a boy to try to care for the little family she created…seventeen year old Shamus, fifteen year old Fiona, ten-year old Thomas, or ‘Toots’, and finally, little four-year old Clara.

It’s hard life that they lead…living day to day by stealing food and coins…until, one day, Tiki finds herself in Buckingham Palace, and steals a ring. The ring belongs to Queen Victoria herself, and is engraved with the words na síochána, aontaímid: for the sake of peace, we agree.

The ring turns out to be a sort of talisman thing that holds the peace treaty between the British royals and the word of the fey. Of course, Tiki doesn’t know that when she steals it, but soon she’ll come to realize that there are some fey who would do anything to get their hands on that ring.

And there’s Rieker…the handsome, intelligent thief that is the stuff of legends among the pickpockets. He always seems to escape…and it’s rumored he can steal anything he sets his mind on. He always seem to show up where Tiki doesn’t want him…to her, he’s part curiosity, part annoyance. And he’s got a secret past that intertwines with the fey.

And Larkin. Larkin was one of those characters that you shouldn’t like, but you can’t help it. She’s sarcastic and manipulative and all-around intriguing. She and Rieker are connected, somehow, and in an uncharacteristic move, she’ll often reveal herself to little Clara for reasons Tiki doesn’t understand.

I can’t tell you about the plot without giving a few plot twists away, so I’ll just tell you this: this novel is worth every second you take to read it. It’s one of those novels that make you want to finish it in one sitting, and it calls…no, yells to you when you put it down.

Give it a read. You won’t be disappointed.


Five stars.

Happy Sunday,



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