So, I’ve Been Seeing This Come Up Lately

As an internet-chatterer on a Forum that attracts writers, I recently got into a conversation about publishing. Much to my surprise, of the nine or ten people chatting, only about half wanted to actually try to publish a novel they had written.

Upon further questioning, I figured out why…because they thought their writing wasn’t good enough to be published. Which is stupid…I’ve read most of their writing, and it’s fantastic. But I think they think that just because their fifteen, sixteen, seventeen or whatever, then they don’t have the skills of the writers that they love.

It’s this view that nothing that you could ever write would be good enough to be published. especially those that got a bad review from some random person on the internet when they worked up the courage to actually post their writing. There’s one girl who said she was in tears after someone sent her a review saying that the book would have been better if it had never been written.

However, whenever I feel like no one could ever like my writing, I do something.

Here’s how you do it:

Look up the best book you can think of. Read the reviews. Look up the worst book you can think of. Read the reviews.

The best book will have someone who hates it. The worst book will have someone who loves it. It’s not a matter of writing skill, It’s a matter of reader preference.

That’s it. Skill level might have a small part of it, but quite honestly I’ve read horrible books that have tons of people who have read it and loved it, bad grammar, choppy plots and all.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work to improve your writing skill, I’m just saying that just because your writing isn’t perfect doesn’t mean it won’t be published, that it won’t be liked.

And that’s my inspirational, motivational piece for today.

Happy Sunday,



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