My Favorite Bookstores and Libraries

First off, let me just say I don’t actually have pictures of any of them. Partly because when I go to these places I never actually have the camera with me, and partly because I don’t like taking pictures on my phone.

But, I promise, they all look amazing. Links are in store’s names.

First up:

Moonraker Books | Whidbey Island, WA

A cute, two-story little bookstore that’s open and airy and right next to the Star Store in first street. They may not have the biggest selection ever, but they make up for it in charm and friendly staff. And if they don’t have it, they’re order it for you so you can pick it up within the next few days.

Vashon Bookshop | Vashon Island, WA

A cozy, cute little bookstore tucked in the middle of downtown Vashon. A bigger stock then Moonraker, although it tends to be a bit more expensive. A friendly, helpful staff, and a few cozy places to read.

Eagle Harbor Book Co. | Bainbridge Island, WA

A bookstore that offers both used and new books, and sometimes they’ll have a rack of ARC’s that you can buy for $2 or $3 (months after the book has already come out, of course). A little bit more expensive than just going to Barnes and Noble, yes, but I would rather pay and extra $3 or $4 and support a local business (that doesn’t glare at you if they find you sitting in an isle and reading!).

Powell’s | Portland, Oregon

Because of course. A block-long bookstore? Heck yeah! I’ve only been in there once, and that one time was only for about twenty minutes, but I could spend hours in there. It’s fantastic. It sells both new and used books, and you can also find out of print books there, as well. Really, if you’re a bookworm and happen to be in Portland, go there.

Bellevue Library | Bellevue, WA

Three stories, a huge selection, and friendly librarians. It has cozy places to read, is always warm in winter, and has its own little bookstore. Also, not too far away is Top Pot doughnuts, so you can choose your huge pile of books than go get a doughnut and coffee.

The Central Library | Seattle, WA

Parked right in the middle of downtown, this library looks almost like it couple topple over any minute. It’s made of thousands of panes of glass…look up a picture, it’s really wild. But it’s floors and floors of books…the Seattle Public Library Hub, if you will. It has entire floors dedicated to reading and working, and whole genres. The only problem is that in the summer is becomes kind of a tourist-y thing to do because of how huge the building is. But in the winter, it’s fantastic.

So those are my six favorite libraries and bookstores. But really, any library or bookstore I step into I love, so this list could go on for miles. But these are right at the top. What are a few of your favorites?

Happy Friday,



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