Saturday, a (short) road trip, and Illusionarium!

So, it’s Saturday.

I actually forgot about that this morning, I got up and almost started doing my math before I remembered. But anyways, there are cool things happening today.

First: I’m heading back up to Whidbey for a few days. It’s for a memorial service, yes, but that’s tomorrow and I have today to tool around and possibly go and get hot pita bread from Cafe Langley. Yum.

Second: I am currently trying to decide what I want to write for Camp NaNoWriMo…I’ve got the completely outlined contemporary novel…and a really great idea that I don’t know if I can wait until the end of April to write. I must decide quickly…there are only a few days left.

Third: Also related to to writing, I asked someone to draw my three MCs for the novel I might or might not write for Camp NaNo. I can’t post them here, but trust me, they look fantastic. 🙂

Also,  I am going to be stuck in the car for a couple hours with nothing to read. I might not survive. My bookshelf and the library are failing me. If you happen to be in Seattle and see a girl weeping in a car over her Kindle…that’s me.

Luckily, the library in Langley tends to be pretty stocked, and it has Blue Lily, Lily Blue when I checked online this morning, so that’s a plus.

Finally, Heather Dixon has posted the book trailer for Illusionarium. I’ve watched it like three times this morning, and it makes me even more excited for this book to come out. You can find the trailer here and here.

So, that’s it for this morning. Have a good weekend!

Happy Saturday,



One thought on “Saturday, a (short) road trip, and Illusionarium!

  1. OMG BLUE LILY!! *flails for you* I only read it a few months ago, but I really really feel like a reread. XD When I FINALLY finish all the books on my TBR I keep promising myself I’m going to reread some Stiefvater books.
    I was having the same difficulty with Camp NaNo decisions, wah. And I’ve basically decided not to do Camp NaNo and maybe try again for July?! I have too many half-baked ideas and they need more plotting. *nods*


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