…First day of Camp NaNoWriMo! I’m still stressing out a little bit, because despite that I’m going to start writing once I finish this post…I still have no idea which project I’m going to do. Must. Decide. Quickly.

There was also this thing going on with the private cabin where it was made public when it shouldn’t have been and I had to PM everyone in the cabin to let them know a new cabin had been made and explaining everything. The first one I sent was the only unique one…then it turned into a lot of copy-pasting of names and the same message.

It was kind of a pain, but the whole thing was my fault, and it was fixed pretty quickly. Within ten minutes or so. And the people who have gotten my PM’s so far have switched cheerfully, so possible cabin-crisis averted.

I am having Pre-NaNo stress, never mind that it started at midnight (Flashback of the Hunger Games book here…was that said in the movie? I can’t remember) last night. //sighs Maybe I’m just stressed out in general and I’m piling all that stress into one box that I’m neatly labeling Pre-NaNo Stress.

Finally, since I just seem to be rambling here, I have decided that while my squid is my regular  NaNoWriMo mascot, I need a new one for Camp. What should it be? Should it be…

My Dalek plush (it screams Exterminate! Exterminate! when you press a little button)

My big, fat pig,

My big, fat hedgehog

or something else entirely? (Shout it out…I’ve got an insanely huge collection of stuffed animals, so if you can think of it, there’s a 90% chance I have it)

And, that’s my news for the day.

Happy Wednesday (and first day of Camp Nano!),



3 thoughts on “Happy…

  1. GOOD LUCK WITH NANO!!! The whole cabin thing sounds equally fun and exciting and a little bit nerve-wracking. xD So I’m glad you were able to fix your cabin-ish problem! Technically difficulties are annoying. -_-


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