Happy Easter!

As weird as it may sound, I’ve always associated Easter with books. As a kid (and I still do), I would get headaches and migraines if I ate a lot of sugar and/or chocolate. After suffering through a few day-after-Easter migraines, the contents of my Easter basket started to change.

No longer were there bit-sized chocolate chicks and giant chocolate bunnies, now nestled among the fake grass of the baskets there would be two or three paperback books, and perhaps a non-chocolate candy…gummy bears, perhaps, or Swedish Fish shaped like eggs, or those tiny little candies that came in little tins and were called Hummingbird eggs. I still remember loving their little crunch, even if I can’t remember what they tasted like.

But even when the books started to dwindle, morphing back into their chocolatey, sugary forefathers(around age thirteen. I think Mom and Dad realized that a thirteen year old could have enough self control not the power through an entire chocolate bunny in one day), I would still read a book one Easter. While the rest of my family was stuffed on ham and salmon, cinnamon rolls and sausage, I would curl up in an armchair and read a book I had gotten at the store the day before.

This year it’s going to be not a book, but a graphic novel…Ms. Marvel finally came in from the library.

And even having to pace myself, the candy of Easter is still a strong tradition. My Grandma hides jelly beans all over her house, leaving us to scramble and find them before everyone else does. If we’re feeling particularly mean, we leave all the black jelly beans for the grownups to find, and stash the still-full bag somewhere weird…the fridge, maybe, or behind the t.v., so they have to search to get their early morning sugar rush, as well.

Peeps have been a big part of my Easter, too…despite neither me nor my Mom having a fondness for the chemical-laden, sugar-crusted marshmallows (I call them marshmallows in only the grandest of terms, they have nothing of the cloudy softness or pillow-y sweetness of the marshmallows I know and love),because every year, The Seattle Times does a Peep contest…you build a scene out of peeps and the winner gets money. I never entered, but I always loved looking at the pictures, imaging what I could have built.

It’s fun to look all the entered pictures, even if they don’t win…I just found one titled: ZOMPEEP APOCALYPSE HITS HARBORVIEW MEDICAL CENTER.

The day gets even more exciting as the dogs find the hardboiled Easter eggs and it becomes half race (who can get there first…man or dog?), and half wrestling match (Get the dog away from the egg! He’s already eaten three!). Then once everyone has eaten, we tend to disperse…the kids down to the Star Store to see if we can score some downpriced candy (normally no, the only things left tend to be disgusting), the adults to walk off all they ate a breakfast so they can still eat dinner.

And I’ve kind of gone off track. My point is, my Easter is closely intertwined with books. Easter without books would be a sad, sad holiday. So here’s the hoping your Easter has many books!

Happy Sunday,



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