So, I asked a bunch of YA readers about YA trends…

A bunch meaning twelve…but hey, it’s better than nothing.

So what I did is I asked them a group of thirteen questions, all relating to recent trends and their reading habits. Sometimes the answers were wildly varied, sometimes they were all the same, which I thought was interesting. Here are the results I got:

It’s split almost exactly fifty-fifty that there’s no preference between a male or female MC, and preferring a female.

Most preferred first person past tense.

7 said that the first thing that catches their eye about the book is the cover, 4 said title, and 1 said the writing style.

10 said that their go-to genre was fantasy. Sci-fi was close behind.

Everyone said that their least favorite genre was romance.

8 said they would rather read a novel with a forbidden romance than a love triangle, 2 said they would rather have a love triangle, 1 said they would stop reading if the novel had either, and 1 said that they didn’t care.

When asked what would make them stop reading a book, I got very varied answers. Among them were if they book was boring, if the characters weren’t realistic, if they didn’t agree with the book’s message, and if the plot feels like a knock-off of another, more popular book.

Everyone said they would rather the main character have a goofy best friend than a love interest.

When asked what they thought YA had too much of, romance was the most popular answer.

When asked what they think it didn’t have enough of, I heard diversity, parents, and non-romantic relationships among others.

Most said that their guess from the next huge YA trend will be killer robots (which would be awesome).

Most said they would like YA to have more of both mystery AND horror, not just one or the other.

8 said that they haven’t really related to any YA heroes or heroines, while the remaining 4 said Annabel from Just Listen by Sarah Desen, Marriel from Marriel of Redwall by Brian Jaques, various characters from Rick Riordan’s novels, and “The characters from Rithmatist by Brandom someone. Also, the characters from “Finding Never Better” or something like that.”.

So there you have it. Honestly, I wish more publishers/writers would pick up on this kind of stuff, because I feel as if there’s this rut in YA right now, where it has too much romance and not enough other stuff. I want to read a straight-on mystery, dang it, not a romance that calls itself mystery!

And anyways, since I’m still curious, I’ve decided to ask you the same questions I asked these guys, to see if your answers match what I got above.

Do you prefer a male or female narrator?

What tense  and POV do you prefer?

What catches you eye about a book first? Cover, title, or something else?

What’s your go-to genre?

What’s your least favorite genre?

Would you rather read a book with a forbidden romance or a love triangle?

What would make you stop reading a book?

What would you rather the main character have? A goofy best friend or a good-looking boyfriend/girlfriend?

What do you think YA has too much of?

What do you think it has not enough of?

What do you think the next big “thing” is going to be? E.X: Like how for a while fairy-tale spin-offs where huge, then came twisted dystopian worlds, and before that there was the myth retelling.

Would you rather YA had more mystery or more horror?

Which recent YA hero/heroine have you related to most?

Happy Monday,



8 thoughts on “So, I asked a bunch of YA readers about YA trends…

  1. Great survey! I don’t care about gender of narrator, but prefer first person past tense POV. The title is the first thing that catches my eye, fantasy’s where I usually find myself, and romance is what I run away from. I’d take a forbidden love over a love triangle, as well as a goofy best friend of a boyfriend/girlfriend.

    I usually don’t stop reading a book unless the writing’s too boring and the plot doesn’t move forward at all. I think YA has too much relationships and too little arguing between friends. I’d love to see both more mystery AND more horror in YA. If I had a guess, I think the next big “thing” in YA would be aliens. Not sure why. 😀


  2. I would stop reading if the characters were one-dimensional or if the plot were static. I’ve bailed on some great story concepts because the author didn’t develop the characters enough.


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