My summer goals

Does anyone else do this or am I just the weird one? Because most of my friends look at me like I’m crazy when I mention summer goals. But sometimes I feel like I need to do them, write them down and call them something, otherwise I won’t do it.

Here they are:

Read twenty five Books

Review every book I read

Get sliding gloves and a new helmet for my longboard

Roller skate at least once

Find out if I can volunteer at the library.

Write a blog post every day. Every. Day.

Those are some of my summer goals. Meanwhile, this post has to stay short because we’re painting the house and I don’t have time to post any more, but I wanted to get something up today.

What are a few of your summer goals?

Happy Sunday,



4 thoughts on “My summer goals

  1. I really want to start biking again, start reviewing books, maybe start a second blog and write at least a 100 words each day’s, start writing more on this blog, actually do my Popsugar Reading Challenge completely, go on more walks, and possibly sing more.


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