So, I did my typical thing


Yep. I finished. And, as the title, says, I did my typical thing where like five days before the deadline I panicked and wrote an insane amount of words really really fast (about 5,000 words in a little under two hours).

The novel itself isn’t done, I can’t decide if I want to continue with it for the Camp in July or just keep working on it now. Opinions?

Slightly off topic, but I finished Firefly. Why is it only one season? I don’t know what to do now. Actually, someone said I should start watching Heroes, but I think I’ll mourn Firefly for a little while first. And possibly write a fanfic.

Also: relating with another Sci-F fandom of mine, we all knew that season Nine would open with “The Magician’s Apprentice”. They released the name of the next episode: “The Witch’s familiar”. Maybe they’re connected somehow, maybe they’re not, but either way, it only makes me more excited.

Finally, I am planning to spend a good portion of the day at Barnes and Noble.  Here is my guide on buying a book.

1. Enter your pre-chosen bookstore.

2. Wander the shelves, browsing through the books, even if you knew which one/already chose which one you wanted. This tends to take me about fifteen minutes, maybe a bit longer if I came on the day that they restocked all the shelves.

3. Sit and read comic books and graphic novels.

Now, most bookstores are pretty friendly to people reading their stuff, right? Well, I apparently read too much and take too long, because after about twenty or so minutes, the workers start to eye me. About about thirty they begin to glare. It’s once they start purposely coming by to check to see that you’re still there that you should go and buy the book.

I don’t think our neighborhood Barnes and Noble like me very much.

This makes it insanely uncomfortable for me, because once they start noticing me is when I want to run and hide. But we don’t own that many comics, and I read the new ones, so that’s more of a draw for me than leaving because a worker is irritated. And I am going to buy a book when I’m done.

So, that’s it. Barnes and Noble, and a whole lot of nothing, which will be nice after all the running around for the past few days.

Happy Sunday,



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