Character Development. (And a very long list)

Character Development. Also known as…”Why, character? Why are you not listening to me? No, stop! Stahp…”

Once I reach about the half-way point my characters tend to throw my ideas to the wind, wrestle free from my grasp, and, for lack of a better phrase, wreak havoc of my plan. This tends to irk me, and I attempt to wrench them back into line.

It always fails.

But I tend to struggle to get to know my characters if I just throw them at my novel and hope for the best. And if you don’t know your characters, how can they be good? Which is why I use this (Insanely long list alert. Prepare to scroll):

You basically interview you character using this insanely long list, and it takes a long time to fill out, but it’s always worth it. You get to know things about your character that you might not have known beforehand, which is cool.

So,ironically, this is both the shortest and the longest blog post I have ever written.

Happy Friday,


8 thoughts on “Character Development. (And a very long list)

  1. DUDE THIS IS AMAZING. You do this for all you characters?! You are so dedicated. XD I barely ever answer questions for my characters…but I also write 4920 million drafts because my character suck so much. So maaaybe I really ought to try something like this at some point. 😉


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