Summer Reading Programs

Am I the only one who looks forward to these?

You know what I’m talking about; the things that the libraries do that if you read something like 15 hours you can choose a free book. Basically, one of the most awesome things that libraries will do all year. Normally I take in quite a haul; I’m a member of three different library systems, and sometimes those libraries will let you do the things two or three times.

But this year, only one of the three libraries is doing it!

And…I’ve already finished it.

I got a nice copy of The 5th Wave (it’s been good so far), and a bookmark where I can track reading hours. If I get forty more I can enter to win a Kindle Fire. This library is my favorite library for the year.

But library #2 is doing it so if you read the certain amount of hours, you only get entered to win a Galaxy tablet. I don’t want a Galaxy tablet! I want a free book! And the thing is, is that with the free book thing, this library tended to set the goal so high that very few teenagers actually completed it in time. I remember it being 50 hours one year, and later finding out that only 1/12th or so of the kids finished. It’s not like the library can’t afford to give away books, they just decided not too.

And library #3 is doing nothing at all. NOTHING. No books or tablets or anything.

My libraries aren’t being fun.

However, what I did find out is that Half Price Books is doing a summer reading program. If a kid in High School reads a book and writes a review on it, they get $5 to spend on a book in the store. It’s called Feed Your Brain, and I think you can do it more than once. I couldn’t find any rules against it.

So, I am turning to you; Do you know of any other summer reading program a High Schooler can enter to get a free book? Because this was seriously frustrating this year. I know that Barnes and Noble does something, but I think it’s only for Middle Schoolers.

Happy Saturday,


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