A procrastinator’s guide to writing

Ah, procrastination. It’s a beautiful thing, really. It’s that little voice in the back of your head telling you that no, you shouldn’t be writing, writing is too hard, go and do something meaningless.

Yep. I have come to realize that I am a die-hard procrastinator. So here is A Procrastinator’s Guide to Writing.

1. Open up Scrivener.

2. Write a paragraph.

3. Stare at the paragraph. Delete the paragraph. Rewrite the paragraph a little bit better.

4. Write half the chapter. Decide the chapter stinks. Decide you need to do more research.

5. Open Google. Google something relating to chapter.

6. Tell yourself checking your email will only take a few seconds.

7. Check your email.

8. Notice an email from Epic Reads. Go to Epic Reads website.

9. Notice Epic Reads has book trailers. Watch book trailers.

10. Decide to check on your favorite fan fictions. Read your favorite fan fictions.

11. Chat a bit with your favorite fan fiction’s authors.

12. Remember you haven’t checked so-and-so’s blog in a while. Check so-and-so’s blog. Comment on so-and-so’s blog.

13. Remember you were supposed to be writing. Open Scrivener again.

14. Turn off internet. Actually write.

Happy Monday,



6 thoughts on “A procrastinator’s guide to writing

  1. This is an excellent guide, it truly is. I totally needed a step-by-step recipe for procrastination. xD BAHHAAH. JUST KIDDING. NOT LIKE I NEED ANY HELP. Do you turn off your internet?? I can’t do that. I’m always looking up random bits and pieces, but I really have to give myself word counts to reach before I check my email and then get swallowed into the abyss that’s the internet.


  2. Today I had a little bit of inspiration so I turned on my computer and immediately opened word, resisting with all my might the internet’s pull, because it can be such in inspiration drainer, you know? But don’t delete your paragraphs! You might be able to read them later and realize there’s something in there worth keeping!


  3. …eep, I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WRITING RIGHT ABOUT NOw. I’m a horrible, horrible procrastinator >.< That is an excellent guide though (let's not face the fact that I do this 99.6768595% of the time *cringes* I will make sure I endorse each and every one of these steps into my writing schedule.

    You made me laugh though. *turns off internet*


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