The Liebster Award and what I do when I’m not blogging part 3

So, I have been nominated by Tina @ Read the Bloody Book for the Liebster award.

liebster-award-rules-iHere be the questions.

What house do you think you would be sorted into at Hogwarts? Would you choose to stay in that house?

The quiz at Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw. I don’t know, though. Griffindors seem to have the most fun out of all the houses. It’s kind of a tie.

What book would you like to see parodied on a The Simpsons Halloween Special?

I have actually never read of the Simpsons Halloween Special before now.

What book would you choose to become an animated film? Would you choose Disney, Pixar, or Studio Ghibli?

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull, and animated by Pixar, because Pixar is awesome.

If nuclear war broke out and you only had space for four in your bunker which three book characters would you allow in?

Well, let’s assume that this bunker has A) wi-fi, and B) a library of books, and C) some sort of electricity. Then I would invite Cath from Fangirl. We would talk about writing and fandoms. Then Kat from Heist Society because she could teach me how to pickpocket people and that’s a skill I think would be fun to have. Finally, Simon from the Mortal Instruments. We could talk about comics and other nerdy stuff.

If you could have any mythical creature as a pet what would it be?

From a book…I’ve always imagined Nifflers from Harry Potter to be insanely cute. Not talking about books, I would say a pegasus, ’cause it’s a horse and it flies. That’s like two in one.

What class would you teach at Hogwarts?

Muggle Studies. I would make them read all of my favorite Muggle books and watch all my favorite Muggle t.v. shows. Also explain to them about lightbulbs and such.

What five authors would make up your ultimate book club? What book would you make them read?

J.K. Rowling, Ally Carter, A. G. Howard, John Green, and Suzanne Collins. I have great respect for all of their writing. And I’d make them read Half Bad by Sally Green. No idea why.

If you could live in any fictional world, which would it be?

Assuming that I would be a witch, the Harry Potter universe hands down.

If you got to add one book to the syllabus of every child what book would you have them read and why?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s a funny, weird sci-fi book, pretty short, plus, it seems like the type of book that kids would like. I tended to hate what I had to read for school.

Which recently released book (in the past 10 years) do you most hope becomes a classic?

Cinder by Marrissa Meyer.

What are your top three underrated books?

Half Bad by Sally Green, Splintered by A.G.Howard, and The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater.

And here are the eleven random facts about me.

  1. Before I started watching Teen Wolf and knew it was the name of a ship, I thought Derek’s name was actually Sterek.
  2. I sometimes play a game where I can see how many fandom references I can fit into a normal conversation. The record is 17.
  3. I once fell and got stuck between the curb of the sidewalk and a car. My friends were laughing too hard to help me get unstuck.
  4. My brother once gave me a bag of those little pop-it things. I tossed it on my desk and forgot about it…until I dropped a book on it three hours later. The sound was so loud I thought that part of my desk had actually exploded.
  5. I could live off of ice cream.
  6. Once, when I was really tired, I forgot my cousin’s name and called him Fisher. Fisher is my grandpa’s dog.
  7. Whenever I got to Barnes and Noble or Half Price Books, I choose the book I want to buy then go and read comics for a while. I don’t think either of those stores like me for that reason.
  8. I will be going to culinary school starting senior year. I’m doing the baking and pastry program (whoop whoop!).
  9. One of my dreams is to open an indie bookstore with a small cafe/bakery attached.
  10. Forth of July is one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because we live off of lime popsicles, hot dogs, watermelon and Angel Food Cake for the day then go swimming around eight while we’re waiting for it to get dark enough to do fireworks.
  11. I have a year-and-a-half old cousin who I am planning on making both a whovian and a bookworm as soon as he gets old enough.

Since most of the blogs I read are huge things with tons of followers, I can’t tag eleven people. I also have no idea how many followers the people I am tagging have. But here are the people I can tag:

The Time Traveling Writer @ The Time Traveling Writer’s Blog || Cat @ Thoughts From a Geek Girl || Erika @ Erika in Bookventureland || Ari @ Beautifully Flawed Photo ||

My questions for them are:

  1. What is one food from a book that you really want to try?
  2. Which book would you change the ending too?
  3. What are some of your fictional crushes?
  4. What is the first book you remember reading and liking?
  5. What superpower would you like to have?
  6. Would you rather be able to always get an ARC but never get to read the final version or never get another ARC again and always be able to read the final version right when it comes out?
  7. What’s a character that everyone seems to love but you hate?
  8. If you could meet just one fictional character, who would it be?
  9. Do you prefer summer or winter?
  10. Name three things that you like about yourself.
  11. If you could visit any other country, what would it be?

So that’s the Liebster Award. Now here’s WHAT I DO WHEN I’M NOT BLOGGING. HERE’S YOUR HOST, AINE!


Dad, Fionn and I were watching Battlebots last nice and I’ve been surpressing the urge to speak in an announcer-type voice all day.

So, while you’ll all see this post on Friday, I’m actually writing this on Tuesday. Mom and I just got back from Uyajimaya, which is the coolest Asian grocery store ever. Once, I was wandering and they had a whole pig’s head in the deli. It was wearing sunglasses and a top hat. Another time I found durian fruit, which was sold in a plastic tub so people didn’t have to smell it.

But that wasn’t what this post was about.

It’s about what I did yesterday (or Monday).

It was scorchingly hot, so I decided to build a slip-n-slide. Basically all it consisted of was plastic held down by using garden stakes. When I was finished, it looked like this.


I’d been reading about DIY slip-n-slides and it said that it works best if the thing’s on a slope and you use dishwasher soap.Β  Normally, since we naturally need to add a whole element of danger to the thing, my brother and I will take a running start, throw ourselves down the slide, be on our feet for less than a second at the bottom of the slide before we’re launching ourselves down face first the slip-n-slide.

So, anyways. I cheerfully drizzle soap over both the slide and the plastic, set the hose running, back up, and take a running start.

What I later found out was that what the thing actually said the slip-n-slide works best if it’s on a slope OR you use dishwasher soap. Not both. And I full-on launched myself down the slide.

In my head, it went something like this.


I fly down the slide, land about two feet down the slip-n-slide on my butt, go sailing down and end up in the tree. I earned myself more than a few bruises and scrapes yesterday.

Was it worth it?

Heck yes.

Happy Friday,


11 thoughts on “The Liebster Award and what I do when I’m not blogging part 3

  1. I’d choose Harry Potter universe as well! It’s basically my default answer every time someone asks me which fictional I would love to live in….HAHA

    Thank you for the nomination. πŸ™‚


    1. No problem! And the Harry Potter universe seems amazing, plus it also seems like it would be the one I’d most likely survive in because, let’s face it, a clumsy demigod or Shadowhunter wouldn’t last long.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re in the same book. I’m clumsy as well so in a life and death situation I think my chances of survival are slim to none.LOL

        And yes Harry Potter world is everything! The world that J.K. Rowling is amazing. I’m still waiting on that Hogwarts Letter. HAHA


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