In which I A) talk about 2016 releases, B) talk about food, and C) Consider some type of social media.

So, as you might know by now, whenever I go and click around Epic Reads, my TBR list gains ten to fifteen books every time. But yesterday I got the bright idea to see if I could find a list off all the YA books coming out next year.

I don’t think my TBR list will ever dip under 100 books ever again.

BUT THERE ARE A BUNCH OF BOOKS THAT SOUND SEROUSLY GREAT NEXT YEAR! Veronica Rossi’s writing a series about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The first book is called Riders and comes out February 2nd. Then there’s Marissa Meyer’s book that all we know about it is that it’s about superheroes and super villains and will come out sometime next year. And what about The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater? GANSEY HAD BETTER NOT DIE.

Then there’s The Study in Charlotte and This is Where The World Ends and Bluescreen and oh my gosh I need them all now.


So, on to the food part of this post.

You may or may not know that I want to be a pastry chef. I have since I was twelve or thirteen. Well, I have enough credits to graduate this next school year if I wanted too. But I’m not going to. Do you know why? Because there’s this thing called Running Start where High Schoolers can take college-level classes. The idea is that you’re getting High School and college credits all at once. I don’t need High School credits, but there’s a community college…that has one of the best baking and pastry programs in the U.S.


I might attempt to jam all the schoolwork I have left into the fall and winter semester so I can start the spring semester next year. But even if I can’t do that, it’s still not that far away (and yet forever away at the same time). I cannot wait to do this, the program sounds amazing. Two whole years of the only thing I need to do for school is bake. Does that not sound incredible???

Finally: social media.

I have a Pinterest account, but that directs no traffic back here, and I mostly use it to pin Doctor Who and Marvel stuff. I’ve had a Tumblr before, but I deleted it because I got no followers and since I was a supporter of Stalia I got a few other people sending me hate messages. I like the idea of Instragram, sure, but my photography skills are amateur at best, and I don’t know anything about Twitter.

For those who use any of these social media platforms, can you tell me what you like/don’t like about them? Do they direct any traffic back to your blog? And, finally, are people nice?

Happy Sunday,



4 thoughts on “In which I A) talk about 2016 releases, B) talk about food, and C) Consider some type of social media.

  1. I currently have a twitter , tumblr and instergram all for my blog they are still rather new accounts so not much trafic coming my way yet. I like tumblr the most out of these.
    Good luck with your courses it sounds like a really amazing thing to do i hope you enjoy it 🙂 also my TBR list is growing daily im never going to need to look for new book to buy ever at this rate haha.


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