Book Lending Contract

Dear [Insert name here],

It has come to my attention that you wish to borrow my book [Insert name here] by [Insert name here]. In order to do this, you must fill out a short form.

There are a list of situations below. Please check all that apply.

It is perfectly acceptable to:

Dog ear pages [ ] Get a book wet [ ] Lend a borrowed book out to someone else [ ] Keep it for 3+ months [ ] Lose a dust jacket [ ] Bent, rip, or tear the dust jacket [ ] Bent, rip, or tear the pages [ ]Write notes in the margins [ ] Highlight passages [ ] Borrow a book and never read it [ ] Remark on how much you dislike book to the lender [ ] Eat while reading [ ] Stain a book’s pages [ ] Keep the book in anything but perfect condition[ ]

If you checked any of the above, you are not welcome to borrow my book. Please return contract to me and leave in a timely manner. If you checked none of the above, please continue down the the form below.

I, _______, hereby declare that I will take utmost care of the book _____. I will use bookmarks at all times, never got ear pages, and leave the dust jacket on. In the case of a paperback book, I will keep the book squashed between two heavy things when I am not reading so the cover does not bend and crease. I will not lend out the borrowed book to someone else. I will not take the book out in the rain. I will not read while eating. I will keep the book in the exact condition I found it in.

If I should fail, I will pay for a new copy with promptness and without complaint. The new copy will be exactly the same as the old. I will not ask to borrow signed books. If the lender says I may not borrow a book, I will simply nod and accept their decision.

Signed, ________

Date Signed, ________

Please turn the contract back into the lender. I thank you for your cooperation. Have a lovely day.



5 thoughts on “Book Lending Contract

  1. I really should have had a copy of this contract when I loaned my copy of The Girls at the Kingfisher Club to my husband’s aunt. I still don’t have it back more than a year later, and as far as I can tell, it is now in a stranger’s hands. I have no idea of the condition of the book, or if I will ever get it back. I caved a few months ago and just bought a new copy.


    1. It’s frustrating when a book comes back ruined, but it’s even more frustrating when it never comes back at all. I lent a copy of a book to a friend and she lost it when she moved, and I can’t buy a new copy ’cause it was an out-of-print book.


  2. THIS.
    Although, tbh, my answer to “can I borrow a book?” doesn’t even come in a polite form…usually it comes in a resounding “UM HOW ABOUT NO AND YOU GO TAKE A LONG WALK OFF A SHORT PIER?” Because I am mean. But booooks.


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