How to Pack For Vacation: A Practical Guide

We’re leaving on vacation for a few days (leaving 80+ degree weather for 90+ degree weather) and it’s not the long drive that’s the hardest, nor the anticipation that comes from waiting for the vacation to start. No, my problem is the packing.

Which is why I have another handy dandy practical guide (You may remember my Surviving a Horror Story practical guide). This one might be a tad more useful. Or not. You never can tell.

  • Decide what you’re going to pack. Fold your clothes, put your toiletries in a bag, and set this all aside.
  • Realize that you’re going to be gone for an entire week. You should bring one book per day.
  • Stare at your bookshelves and try to decide what book to bring. The Scorpio Races? Fangirl? The 5th Wave?
  • Narrow it down to nine books. Decide to pack them all. Shove them in your suitcase. Have your Mom/Dad/Sibling/Roommate/Someone come in and tell you you actually need room in your suitcase for other stuff. Like, clean underwear.
  • Squish most of your clothes on top of your books. It was only a possibility that you were going to that fancy restaurant. “Yes, we’re going, and I’m not changing my mind” means maybe. Everyone knows that. Discard your formal dress and heels.
  • Discover your suitcase weights about fifty pounds. Have slightly irritated Mom/Dad/Sibling/Roommate/Someone come in and tell you that you need to actually be able to lift the suitcase high enough to get it in the car.
  • Replace some of the hardbacks for paperbacks. Realize that you can read those paperbacks in about an hour and a half. Decide that it must be two paperbacks to one hardback.
  • You need more room in your suitcase. Discard your hiking boots, your sundresses, your bathing suit and beach towel, your shampoo and condition (you can get more when you get to your destination), your wrist brace (never mind that you’ve sprained your wrist every time you’ve gone, THIS TIME will be different), and your pillow.
  • Shove all the books in. Have a now utterly irritated Mom/Dad/Sibling/Roommate/Someone come in and repack your suitcase for you, only leaving in two books (there’s a bookstore where we’re going! Just. Buy. More.).
  • Stare sadly at your books.
  • Remember the duffel bag you got for Christmas. Stuff the duffel bag with books.
  • Go on vacation
  • Buy at least five more books on vacation
  • Repeat the steps.

Today is and exciting day. It’s July 31st, otherwise known as Harry Potter’s birthday.

11Today is also the day I just might melt like the Wicked Witch because it’s supposed to be 94 degrees and I can’t function in heat. It’s ironic, really, considering that I’m Hawaiian and all, but I was born in the Pacific Northwest so that might have something to do with it.

Happy Friday,



2 thoughts on “How to Pack For Vacation: A Practical Guide

  1. Aww, 94 isn’t THAT BAD. 😉 Our summers are in the 100s (farehnheit, ‘cos I’m converting for you AREN’T I NICE? We talk in Celsius in Australia :D) AWK. But holidays + books = complicated. I rely heavily on my kindle. We went on a month long trip once to Outback Oz, and I took a HEAP of books because, hello, I’m a wickedly fast reader. And what happened? I nearly ruined them all. Just weird things, like covers getting scratched, or thrown around in the campertrailer and being bent. My copy of Divergent is absolutely mauled. So this makes me NOT want to take books with me. *cries* I hate wrecked books. Kindle is my lifesaver. (Except when it runs out of batteries, *growls*)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was born and raised in Seattle, remember? We like cold weather so it gives us an excuse to guzzle fancy coffee and hot chocolate. And yes. Whenever I bring books I keep them packed in their own special bag which is up with me. Because once, I made the mistake of putting it in another bag and the cover got ripped. Sad, sad day


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