Once Upon a Time, I Went To The Library

Going to the library with me tends to be a pretty lengthy process. Here’s why.

  • Ooo, a couple of holds came in at the library.
  • “Hey, Mom? Can you take me to the library? A couple of holds came in. Okay, cool.”
  • I need to return these books, too. They’ve just been sitting on my shelf for a week. But do I want to return this one? It’s due tomorrow but I still haven’t read it.
  • I should return it. But I’ll place a hold on it so I can read it.
  • I’m only going to pick up the holds. I won’t go see if I can find other books.
  • I’m going to go see if I can find more books.
  • Okay, I’ve been browsing for fifteen minutes and I’ve only gone through two stacks. Eight books should be enough for the week-Ooo, I’ve been meaning to read this!
  • We’ve been in the library almost an hour. Mom is starting to make hints about leaving. I’m just going to go and look to see what comics they have really quick.
  • Also, I need to look at the cookbooks.
  • Okay, I’m don-they added a shelf for recently released books? When did they do that? I must look through it.
  • Okay, I’ve added three more books to an already towering pile. Looks like I won’t be leaving the house this week!
  • “I’m ready to check out.” You think I can’t, but I can totally see you thinking “finally”.
  • Wait, look, that author I liked in middle school just published a new book! I need to see if I can go and find it.
  • Wow, I haven’t been in the MG section in months.
  • Look! A new Penderwicks book! I must read that.
  • And Brandon Mull started a new series? Since when? I must read all of them.
  • Y’know, I haven’t read the Sisters Grimm series in a while. I wonder if I’d still think it’s as good as I remember it. I should get the first three books just in case.
  • Now I’m ready to check out.
  • I’m ready to go…after I look at the new books added to the “for sale shelf”.
  • Yes, now I’m ready. To go. Farewell, library! I’ll miss you.
  • *one week later* Look, a new library hold came in!

Happy Thursday,



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