What makes you like a character?

What would a book be without characters? Kind of weird; it would just be a bunch of pages describing scenery. You would basically be reading a guide book to some different world. and it would get boring pretty fast.

Now, when I ask you what makes you like a character, you might be quick to start saying good qualities; they’re kind, they’re brave, they’re loyal, they’re selfless, they always look out for others instead of themselves…sounds good, right?

The problem? Characters like that get boring. It feels like the author is trying too hard to make you like the hero/heroine, but instead they become boring. Flat. One dimensional.

I like  my main characters to have flaws. Change bravery into recklessness. Change “always looks out for others” into overprotective. You’ve got a flawed character, who’s somehow more likable because of it.  It’s because they feel real, like you could find them in real life.

So! This has been a reeaaallly short post (sorry). But I have to ask! What makes you like characters? Is there one character trait you like more than others? What’s one that will make you dislike a character instantly?

Happy Sunday,


3 thoughts on “What makes you like a character?

  1. I like characters I can relate to and that are similar to my own personality. If they are overly perfect, not just meaning their looks but also their morals and actions – I don’t like them as much. It’s just that they don’t seem real, because no one is that perfect. Also, I feel like the strong female character who provides for her family and is weirdly good at hunting/fighting/archery is a good role-model but slightly overused by now.


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