Hey, internet, lookit my pets

I like to show off my pets. Why? Because they’re adorable and the whole world deserves to see their adorableness. So, internet, LOOKIT MY PETS.

IMG_3414First up with adorable-ness is Holly the hedgehog with Miss Jasper’s Garden. Holly’s actually an African Pygmy hedgehog, not a European hedgehog like the one in the book. Holly’s smaller, for one thing, and for another, she’s a different color. And, y’know, she would have lived in Africa instead of Europe.

My copy of Miss Jasper’s Garden is old, it was my uncle’s when he was a kid, but it still smells like lavender because my grandma kept a stalk between the pages for years. And I mean years. But anyways, it’s a cute little book.

IMG_3416Next, there’s Teddy the dog and Shiver. He’s a Havanese Shih Tzu mix, is ten years old, and has eaten books before. To be fair, he was on a medication that made him really hungry all the time, and he isn’t on it anymore, but I don’t leave books on the coffee table anymore.

I picked Shiver because, y’know, the whole Dog = canine = wolf sort of thing, but Ted’s about as far away from a wolf as a dog can get. He’s allergic to 27 different pollens and grasses, has an underbite (as you can see), snores loud enough that I can hear him in my room at night, as torn the ALCs on both his hind legs, limps so much that he can’t climb up three stairs without being carried, and is allergic to about every different kind of meat except duck.

Yep. He’s pathetic. But he love him anyway.

IMG_3419Finally, there’s Izze the Bearded Dragon and Dragonswood (Bearded dragon, Dragonswood…I’m brilliant, aren’t I?). She’s the newest pet addition unless you count the roaches we get for her to eat. She has also attempted to eat a book, but it didn’t work out as well as she clearly hoped it would. The book had a bright red cover that I think caught her eye.

Most people actually are kind of scared of Izze, but she’s like the most mellow pet in the house. She just kind of…hangs out. Like once, we left the house for a couple of hours and my brother forgot that he had left her on the couch. We get back…and she’s still on the couch. She likes Ted, too. We think it’s because his fur’s so soft, but she’ll climb up on his back and just sit there. At least until Ted gets up to move. Thhttps://wordpress.com/post/93130886/new/en we move her.

We think she’s either a Citrus or a Sandfire Red bearded dragon, but we’re not positive. But when she’s happy or warm, she turns orange. Dragonfire orange (har har).

So, those are the pets of the household, posing with books. If we had our way, the pets would be multiplied by a Conure parrot (Mom says birds are too loud), a goat (Dad grew up on a ranch and says no livestock, never again), a mini potbellied big (livestock reasoning), a sugar glider (we have nowhere to store the cage), and various other exotic animals that for one reason or another we won’t get.

Oh well. I still like the pets we have.



2db5db7780a2c2f6bcc0c8ef8f2543e9f5af108e_hqI am unbelievably excited. I’m the only Whovian in my family. I mean, Dad watches it, but he’s not a hard-core fan like I am. He just thinks it’s cool. Mom and my brother think it’s weird. So a party with other Whovians sounds completely amazing. I need to make something to bring so I think I’m going to do Jammy Dodgers, since I want to do a food mentioned on the show but fish sticks and custard sounds horrible.

So! D’you have any unbelievably cute pictures of your pet that you’re dying to share? What about your pet with books, which is even better? AND WHO ELSE IS EXCITED FOR DOCTOR WHO TONIGHT?!

As a parting note, here’s a dancing Cyberman.

giphyHappy Saturday,



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