6 YA Tropes That I’m Tired of Reading

YA is full of tropes. It is. And there are some that I am so tired of seeing.

  • The Dreaded Love Triangle- Come on, ENOUGH with this this already! There’s, of course, the Bella/Jacob/Edward love triangle, which paved the way, the Katniss/Gale/Peeta love triangle, the Megan/Puck/Ash love triangle…it’s frustrating. And really, most girls don’t have two boys falling all over them anyways. And if you think you romanticily love two people anyways, you most likely don’t love them enough.
  • The Instalove- Their eyes meet across the room, his dreamy (insert romantic, rare eyes color here) eyes meeting her plain (insert common, but still romantic, eye color here) eyes. Her heart gave a little jump, then he was gone. She must find this strange boy again, because she has fallen in love. (instant attraction is one thing. Instalove? Not so much).
  • Absent parents- They either have died tragically when the MC was young (I believe J. K. Rowling paved the way for this; all of a sudden authors realized how easy a thing this was to create a tragic backstory), or have shipped them off to some boarding school or a war or to live overseas with a crazy aunt or just aren’t around. Maybe they show up to give them food then disappear again until they need to ground the MC to add “drama” to the plot.
  • Boys and girls can’t just be friends, they always need to have a secret, hidden romantic attachment- Unless they’re related, of course, but still. I’ve been best friends with boys for years and I promise, I will not start dating any of them anytime soon.
  • Every book must have a romance-WE TEENAGERS AREN’T WALKING AROUND LOOKING FOR LOVE ALL THE TIME. Basically, it would be nice if there was a book without the romance, or if there was a romance, it wouldn’t take up so much of the story.
  • Younger siblings being  geniuses- Causing jealousy with the MC even they they really love their sibling, but will he/she stop being smart, please and thank you.

Here be my list.What do you guys think? Are there any YA tropes you’re completely tired of reading?

Happy Sunday,



7 thoughts on “6 YA Tropes That I’m Tired of Reading

  1. PREACH AINE! I completely agree with this post 150%. I am so tired of books with instalove and love triangles; there are one or two that have been done well (mostly the original ones like Peeta / Gale / Katniss / etc), but the rest just feel so cliched to me.

    I feel like authors feel that if their book doesn’t have a romance – especially a love triangle or instalove – that it won’t sell well. It’s a shame, because that is so, so inaccurate.

    Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤


  2. Yes, yes, and yes! Could someone please write a book that doesn’t check any of these off the list? Especially all the romance tropes. Like really, some originality would be nice.
    Also, I’ve done a bad job of keeping up to date with your blog, lately and I’m sorry. School gets in the road like that, sometimes. :/


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