Beautiful Books #1

bb-redoneSo! This month Cait and Sky are doing something different. Why? Because NaNoWriMo cometh quickly (eth), and this gives us a chance to talk about our novels. Which, uh, I have already done, but no matter, I shall do this anyways. I rather like these link-ups.

How did you come up with the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea?

Well, about a year or so ago, maybe a little longer, I decided to try and write a Peter Pan retelling. It did not go well. But I liked the creepy Neverland setting, so I expanded the idea a bit, and this novel (with the tentative title of Never, Never) was born.

Why are you excited to write this novel?

Does it sound bad to say that I like writing mentally unhinged characters and Peter’s a psychopath? Well, that. I also, y’know, like the world. And snarky pirates. Basically, everything.

What is your novel about, and what is the title?

Well, I could give you the whole long speal, but instead I’ll post the synopsis.

Maisie was SUPPOSED to be on vacation. She was SUPPOSED to be spending quality time with her aunt and uncle and younger cousins, and she was SUPPOSED to be reading every book she got her hands on. Instead, she gets kidnapped by Peter Pan’s shadow, nearly gets killed, and ends up on a pirate ship run by the one and only Captain Hook’s daughter. And the only way to get back to the real world is to strike a bargain, one that might or might not get her killed.

After all, Neverland isn’t what the stories made it out to be.

And the tentative title is Never, Never. Possibly Never? Never if I stop worrying about The Fault in our Stars Okay? Okay thing.

Sum up your characters in one word each. (Feel free to add pictures!)

Maisie: Annoyed

Wasp/ Avery Darling: Snarky

Aiden: Enthusiastic

The one and only Peter Pan: Insane

Which character(s) do you think will be your favourite to write? Tell us about them!

I think both Wasp and Peter will be really fun. Peter because of, y’know, the whole crazy thing, but Wasp is snarky and brave and a super complex, interesting character. I think I actually like her more than my main character.

What is your protagonist’s goal, and what stands in the way?

Maisie just wants to get home. But Wasp or Peter are the only two that could get her off of Neverland, and Peter isn’t going to help, and it’s dangerous for Wasp to attempt to leave. What lands in Neverland stays in Neverland. So Wasp only agrees if Maisie helps her get members of her crew back from Peter Pan. It’s sort of blackmail and also sort of not.

Where is your novel set? (Show us pictures if you have them!)

Beautiful Neverland. Or it would be beautiful if it didn’t have the man-eating plants, leech fairies, weird animal mutants, killer birds, sirens/flesh eating mermaids, murderous humanoid trees and as well as lots of other fun stuff.

What is the most important relationship your character has?

Maisie and Wasp get really close, even though neither of them really want to at the start. They might fall in love, they might not…I haven’t decided yet.

How does your protagonist change by the end of the novel?

Maisie seems older. More mature. Almost getting killed several times and being tortured does that to a person. She also has a bit of wanderlust; she’s seen a place that very few other people have seen, and she likes that feeling.

She also feels really, really thankful for indoor plumbing.

What themes are in your book? How do you want your readers to feel when the story is over?

The whole standard good-vs-evil concept, but how there are also shades of gray (one of my characters does a questionable thing). How the story changes depending on who’s telling it. And about how maybe there’s more to life than WiFi and designer coffee.

I want them to feel slightly sad that the book is over, but content with the way I finished it.

BONUS! Tell us your 3 best pieces of advice for others trying to write a book in a month.

Stop telling yourself that’s it’s crazy and undoable. It’s not. The more you say that the more you believe that, and THAT is what will put a damper on you writing.

Don’t doubt the story. Let the writing do the writing. Don’t change ideas mid November, either.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to finish. This is supposed to be fun, and if you’re stressed out, it’s not fun.

Happy Saturday, and Happy almost-November.


12 thoughts on “Beautiful Books #1

  1. OMG THIS SOUNDS SO FANTASTIC! 😀 I love that you’ve used different names too and omg I agree writing insane characters is so much fun. (Is that evil to admit?!?! But it just iiiiiis.) For the first time in EVER my new WIP won’t have an insane character. xD hehe, I’m feeling lost already. 😉
    And I LOVE the title of Never, Never. 🙂
    Thanks for joining in!


    1. Well, they have different names because it’s kind of like a second generation sort of thing. Except Maisie was dragged into it even though she has no relation to anyone. AND MY LOVELY LITTLE INSANE CHARACTERS. I feel bad for you but I can’t stop writing you. Your WIP is the ice dragon road trip one right? And thanks! I think I will end up sticking with Never, Never.


  2. Ok, this sounds fantastic. I’ve always loved any adaptation of Peter Pan, so this makes me so excited. And it even reminds me a little bit of Once Upon a Time’s Peter Pan/Neverland arc… which is good, because that went by so fast. So, yay you! 😀 If it’s alright, I’d love to read this someday…


    1. Thanks! And it’s way different from OUAT’s Neverland…I was super careful about that. Even though I came up with the idea before I watched the Neverland ARC, other people don’t know that, and since I plan to get it published…and I’ll be looking for beta readers. Most likely sometime late December/early January.


  3. So I really want Wasp’s backstory. Like now. Please?

    Seriously though, she sounds like an incredibly epic, complex character just from what you’ve shared here. I’m curious what brand of insane you’re giving Peter though… so many possibly directions… LOVE IT!


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