Calling All Writers || In Which Aine Has an Awesome Idea

So, the other day, I started thinking.

I’ve been getting kind of bored with just following recipes, but how can I develop the recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, the perfect, fluffy cake, the perfect…I dunno…Pot de creme if I already have found what I view as the perfect recipe? Any recipe I make would be influenced from that recipe, and then it’s not truly developing, it’s adapting.

But then I realized: writers, especially fantasy writers, make up new foods pretty often. And they won’t always decide to try and make a recipe based off of the food they created especially for the book. But they still might want to try it.

And so I thought of a way to kill two birds with one stone. Writers: tell me your made-up foods. And I will try to create a recipe based off of what you tell me. Savory or sweet, I don’t care. If there are any fantasy foods mixed in, tell me the real-life food you think they’d taste closest to, or describe what they taste like to me so I can figure it out.

And, hopefully, you’ll have a recipe for a made-up food, and I’ll have practice developing recipes.

Happy Thursday,



10 thoughts on “Calling All Writers || In Which Aine Has an Awesome Idea

  1. OMG. THIS IS LIKE THE BEST IDEA OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. *flails* I haven’t ever made up, like, a specific fantasy dish…but I basically want to eat the entire of The Wrath and the Dawn because the food sounded so ridiculously delicious. :’)


    1. I haven’t read that (yet), but from what I understand it’s Persian food? And those people are genius. Saffron ice cream. It’s even better because you can get said saffron ice cream sandwiched between two wafer cookies. Yum.


  2. I made up a number of dishes with mutton in them (they had tons of sheep and it was like the staple food) but mutton is a little expensive… you don’t have to try anything XD


  3. This is pretty much the best idea EVER! Unfortunately I tend to write dystopian and the food kind of… sucks. Though I’m tempted now to invent all sorts of delicious fictional delicacies just so you can make them! :p


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