The Winter Launch Party

So, this is a few days late (I was intending to post this on Wednesday), but oh well.

On Tuesday, I went to the Winter Launch Party.

It actually wasn’t called the Winter Launch Party, it was called the Lunar Ball which naturally meant I was one of maybe six people not wearing a dress. But I was VERY glad about this, because although we got there maybe half and hour early, this was the line.


And it was FREEZING COLD. I was in jeans, a sweater, a tank top under my sweater, and a coat. But by the time we got inside, my toes and the tips of my fingers were numb, and I was shivering so hard that my teeth had started to chatter. The line doesn’t really look as long as it was in this picture, so I made this to better show you.


Lots of people ahead of us, and the doors weren’t even supposed to open for another half an hour. Luckily they opened early (I think they felt bad for us), and every single person that went in the door let out a sigh because the theater was WARM and it was such a relief. Once I stopped being cold, I started feeling very under dressed because everyone was in like prom dresses and ball gowns and such, and I was in jeans, a trench coat and converse. I wasn’t even wearing my earrings.

So the doors opened at about six thirty, we found a table…and the actual event didn’t really start for another half an hour. But three girls who looked maybe…oh…nineteen or twenty sat at my table too, and it was rather entertaining listening to them talking about the Harry Potter play and about how the only way Americans would actually be able to see it is if we traveled to London and most of us would be able too.

The actual thing started with a scene from Winter being acted out by local drama/theater students, then Marissa Meyer came up and talked about how it had been seven years, and she couldn’t believe that she actually had a FANDOM, because she spent the entire time she was trying to get Cinder published worrying that Cinder would be one of those books that maybe a couple hundred people read then it peters out. Also about how it still blows her mind that she gets approached by fans, and about how many people came to the launch party, and stuff like that. And how Winter she thinks is her favorite out of all the books she’s written, and it has her favorite overall scene, her favorite kissing scene, and her favorite something else that I currently can’t remember.

The the girl who won the fanfiction contest (which I learned about too late and didn’t enter, sadly) came up and talked. There was a small costume contest, then Marissa Meyer came back out and talked about how when she was little, she was obsessed with Disney fairy tales, so her Grandma gave her a book of the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales and she basically realized that Disney lied. But she became fascinated with the darker versions of the stories. Then she read the original Snow White story (with the funniest comments sprinkled in), and there it was.


Totally worth it, and WAAAY better than just getting up and going to Barnes & Noble. And it’s signed, and like any good bookworm, you know that a signed copy of a book is worth ten million times more than an unsigned book. Plus, it’s gorgeous. And also, it’s really, really good.

Happy Saturday,



7 thoughts on “The Winter Launch Party

  1. aHHH THIS IS AMAZING AND I LOVED YOUR RECAP. You’re super lucky to have things like this happen in your city…gah, nothing ever happens clse to me. -_- Not that I’m sure if I’d go or not (?!) because I’m uber shy. But still. WINTER. And yes signed copies are enormously wonderful. I’ve never had one signed in person but I have a few and afjdksald they’re just hopelessly special.
    And omg it’s encouraging to hear Marissa Meyer OF ALL THE FAMOUS FABULOUS PEOPLE say she wasn’t sure if Cinder would be popular. Hehe, goodie. Grand authors have doubts too. XD (Is that horrible to be pleased about?!) Anyway, yayyy for Winter! I’m so excited to read it too…but also sad that it’s going to be over soon…


    1. Apparently she’s also super shy and a total introvert which is really encouraging because she managed to stand out on stage for FORTY FIVE MINUTES AND TALK TO ACTUAL PEOPLE. And that just sounds terrifying.


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