25 Bookish Things That Must Know About Me

So, I just spent about twenty minutes combing through the pictures file on our folder trying to find a picture of me and books only to find a great total of zero. I don’t like having pictures taken of me, so there aren’t a lot of pictures taken of me, books or otherwise.

So, you’ll have to imagine a picture of me standing somewhere holding a stack of books (hint, I have shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. And I like Maggie Stiefvater).

The things about these kind of tags are kind of weird, because you can’t really spend an entire post talking about yourself without feeling a bit self-involved. I also stole this tag, too, so my list of crimes continue.

  1. I am known to gush in bookstores. My family will follow me through the store as I say things like “they’re so beautiful!” and “I want them ALL,” and “WHY ARE THEY SO PRETTY? IT’S UNFAIR TO ALL NON-PRETTY BOOKS.” I think this amuses them for some strange reason.
  2. A lot of the time, if I’m mad, I’m mad at a book, not at you. And if you ask if something’s wrong, and if I grouch “nothing,” back, it means that A) a favorite character has died, B) the book has done something COMPLETELY HORRIBLE liked ended on a cliffhanger, or C) just been vaguely annoying and so now I’m annoyed at everything.
  3. I have a list of favorite indie bookstores and any time we’re anywhere near them, I will make sure I can go to them. It would be a crime if we were on Capitol Hill and didn’t go to Elliot Bay Book Co. or if we were in the U-District and didn’t go to University Bookstore.
  4. I much prefer physical copies of books to ebooks, but I still love my Kindle. Why? Because it’s super easy to get books to read if we’re one vacation and we’re nowhere near a library.
  5. I didn’t read Harry Potter until the summer before sixth grade. I don’t even really have a reason as to WHY I didn’t, more that so many people told me to read it that I got annoyed and just started saying no. But then my mom bought me a tattered copy of the Sorcerer’s Stone when we were on a week long vacation and forgot to pack books. I. was. hook.
  6. The only reason I read the Warrior’s series was because everyone else was reading it. I didn’t really enjoy them, not like I did the Penderwicks or Harry Potter or Sister’s Grimm. I loved them because I was expected to love them. So I bought every new books when they came out and read them once, then they just kind of sat on my bookshelf for years.
  7. I firmly believe that the library should fine for dog-earing books. Also, bending, ripping, or staining pages or cover, or basically anything that means that the book isn’t in almost-new condition anymore.
  8. Speaking of the library, my library is frustrating. It used to be that if you had a hold on a book that was coming out, it would be at the library waiting for you three days after it came out. Now it takes anywhere from one to four months for them to get in a newly released book.
  9. Whenever authors come to Seattle, I always miss them. Maggie Stiefvater came when we were on vacation. So did Holly Black. I messed up the dates of Patrick Ness’s signing. I can’t remember where we were for the Epic Reads spring book tour. IT’S HORRIBLE, I TELL YOU.
  10. My life goal is to make a cake that looks exactly like a book.
  11. My friends are most likely kind of annoyed at me because I give them SO MANY book recommendations. But no one in my own house will listen to them, and sometimes they actually read what I tell them they should read, so I’m going to keep suggesting books.
  12. I will argue with you fiercely if you insult my favorite books. It’s fine if you don’t like them, but if you insult them…run. In a zigzag pattern. As fast and as far as you can. And even then I still might catch you and kill you.
  13. I have rearranged my bookshelf four times in the last four months. First it was just I got a new book, I put it where it fit. Then it was by series, then alphabetically by author, then by color, and now it’s by height.
  14. The reason why I kept rearranging my bookshelf is simple. No matter what I did, it looked unorganized and not pretty. Now it does, so I think I’ll keep it by height.
  15. I prefer hardcovers, but by mostly paperbacks because I can get two books for twenty dollars instead of only one for twenty.
  16. If you actually listen to what books I want to read and give it to me for Christmas/birthday I will love you forever. It seems like most people don’t keep track of what books you want to read, even though you talk about them pretty often, but they’ll remember that red scarf you mentioned you liked or the exact color of nailpolish or WHATEVER, but they won’t remember the book.
  17. I have no idea why that is. And it’s frustrating to me that I don’t know why that is.
  18. My go-to reading drink of choice is tea. But I do love hot chocolate, and also what my cousin somewhat disgustedly calls “fancy dessert coffee”, which means there’s more milk and sugar in the cup than actual coffee. She finds this disgusting because she drinks her coffee black.
  19. If I get more pets, I’m totally naming them after fictional characters. I fully plan on having at least a cat whenever I move out, and most likely a couple of cats and a dog, so my house will be full of Hermiones and Fleetfoots and Jaces. Just, y’know, because. Although I might name a cat Dalek because why not?
  20. In my opinion, the prettiest book on my shelf right now is The Accident Season. Although, White Cat comes in close second.
  21. I totally judge books by their covers. I’m ten times more likely to pick up a book with a pretty cover than I am to pick up one with a non-pretty one.
  22. I am known at the library. There’s a librarian there that calls me the “girl who reads too fast for her own good.” Meaning that I’ll come into the library at least once a week and check out ten or more books.
  23. I don’t think bookstores should hire people who don’t like to talk about books. I’m looking at you, Barnes & Noble!
  24. The downtown Seattle Public Library used to be my favorite library in the city. But now it’s kind of a cool tourist-y thing to go and see because it’s so huge and beautiful, so it’s always crowed with people gawking and not actually there for books.
  25. If I somehow damage my books, I feel immensely guilty. I don’t crack their spines or dog-ear pages or eat anything while reading that might leave a stain if I drop something. Even reading in the rain is a no-no.

So! Because my brain is basically dead right now (it’s a miracle I got to 25), I’m not going to tag anyone officially. I will tag anyone who wants to do it, however.

Happy Sunday,



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