Three Seattle Bookstores Every Bookworm Must Visit

Seattle is a bookworm-loving city. WE’RE ALL BOOKWORMS. But I dare you to find one town that doesn’t have AT LEAST one bookstore and/or AT LEAST one library. It’s pretty much impossible.

Now, it’s practically law that when you visit Seattle you have to visit at least one bookstore (psst, don’t make that bookstore Amazon Books). And so here are my three favorite bookstores in the Seattle area.



I believe I have said how much I love this bookstore before. BUT IT’S REALLY FANTASTIC. They’ve got a great selection of all kinds of books, both new and used, and everyone is super friendly! I’ve had entire bookish conversations with the women who work up in the YA and Children’s sections, because they actually know and have read the books I’m talking about. And some bookstores are notoriously horrible for not doing that (*coughbarnes&noblecough*).



There’s also a Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, but I prefer the one in Ravenna because it’s closer and has a cozier feel to it.Their selection isn’t HUGE, but it’s pretty decent (the YA section, there are books behind the books. So if you don’t see the book you’re looking for, do some peeking), and, like University Bookstore, it’s a mix of both used and new. Plus, they have really great food. And where else can you eat gelato and look at books at the same time?



Last but not least, is Elliott Bay Book Co. I think it’s easily my favorite Seattle bookstore, maybe even my favorite bookstore EVER (if I visit Powell’s again and find it lacking). It’s a pretty cool building, and they’ve got an entire wall of recommendations. They used to be in Pioneer Square, but pretty recently they moved to Capitol Hill.

They’ve got a pretty good selection of books, and a great selection of graphic novels. Plus, they’ve got this cute little Cafe that has rather delicious food. And, you know those little punch cards that coffee shops and stuff give out? Buy ten cups of coffee, get the eleventh free? Yeah, this store does that with books. With. Books. It’s freakin’ amazing.

So! Did I miss any important Seattle bookstores? Have you visited any of these? Do you agree with my list?

Meanwhile, my giveaway has four days left. If you win, you get one of six ebooks for. free. Free books! Aren’t those just the best things ever?

And, meanwhile, I am already planning my post-Christmas book shopping spree. Because my parents order my brother and I not to buy anything for ourselves during the month of December just in case it’s something we mentioned to a relative that we want for Christmas. So pretty much as soon as Christmas is over…I go crazy and buy tons of books that I wanted to buy before Christmas.

It’s always marvolously fun. And if I go to the friend, they follow me around and I watch their eyebrows climb higher and higher as I buy five or six books all at once.

Happy Sunday,


I think I should add a disclaimer: I took none of the pictures that I’m using. They were all found on the bookstore’s various websites.

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