Books & Desserts || The Perfect Pair || AKA the post in which I use the word “delicious” way too much


Bookworms tend to love food and books together. A cup of tea and a cookie and a book, hot chocolate and toast and a book, coffee and a pastry and a book…really, the options go on and on.

And, because of this, I often make something that I have in mind to eat with the specific book (like I made panna cotta when reading a book set in Italy). Is that kind of silly? Yes. Is it fun? Heck yes.

And so I have compiled a list of fifteen books and fifteen excellent desserts to make to eat with them.


Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer, is set in France, and so, naturally, the perfect recipe to make with them is macarons. Fluffy filling sandwiched between two bright, airy, crispy-yet-chewy almond confections, these are just as beautiful as they are delicious. I am adding a disclaimer, though; macarons are one of the hardest (if not the hardest) confection to make. Why? Because if you even look at them funny they’ll come out of the oven crunchy, footless, and discolored. I’m talking it comes down to how hot/cold it is outside when you make them.

The recipe I’ve chosen is one of the best ones for making the sturdiest macarons with the least amount of effort and time involved. But I’d still recommend making them on a cold, dry day. If you do not want to battle the eggy confections of pure frustration, profiteroles are just as French, just as delicious and marginally easier. My favorite profiterole recipe is the PCC one, but I currently can’t find it, so I sadly can’t link back.


We all read The Scorpio Races and craved November Cakes. They sounded so delicious, and, as someone who has had a November Cake, I can confirm; they are delicious. Plus, the dough for the “cake” is one of the best and easiest yeasted doughs I’ve ever worked with. It’s fluffy and barely sticky, and you can handle it with your bare hands pretty easily. But, yes, like other yeasted doughs it will start to get hard if you knead it too much.


Cath loves gingerbread lattes. Also, burritos, but because those are not desserts, I have instead added a recipe for gingerbread cake. This cake is deliciously sticky and moist, and the use of crystallized ginger is a must. DON’T SKIMP ON THE CRYSTALLIZED GINGER. Of course, you might have eaten all of it before you’ve even started the cake (that stuff is delicious). If for whatever reason you can’t find crystallized ginger, candied ginger is pretty much the same thing and works perfectly well.


Celaena is a ruthless, cutthroat assassin, and yet she loves sugar. All kinds. Especially chocolate, but she’s not opposed to eating half of a three pound bag of candy before 7AM. And so, I have picked chocolate drizzled sponge candy for this recipe. Chocolaty, sweet, and crunchy, and light enough that you can eat the entire batch of it and not feel full. Not getting a sugar high is another matter.

Even if you’re not a fan of the buttery, slightly burnt flavor of sponge candy, you should still totally make it, because it is really freaking fun. I was standing over the pot just cackling (and yes, maybe I did yell “boil, boil, toil and trouble).


This recipe ties in to Winter more than it does Cinder, but I still thought I’d add it to the list, anyway. Apparently Scarlet makes a world-famous (or at least Rieux-famous) lemon cake. I do not have a recipe for lemon cake. I do, however, have a recipe for hibiscus lemon bars. They’re slightly tarter than the normal lemon bar, and on top of that, they’re really spectacularly pretty. Because of the hibiscus they’re sort of this flushed pink color.

We can pretend it’s red like the shoe on the cover.


Both Zuzana and Karou from Daughter of Smoke & Bone have a fondness for chocolate. Cake especially. So, naturally, the recipe is a simple chocolate sheet cake. This cake is best eaten with a huge amount of rich, fudge-y frosting and melting vanilla ice cream. Zuzana would be proud.


I can’t remember if it’s mentioned in Carry On, but in Fangirl it is stated that Simon Snow, the worst chosen one ever, loves scones. And these white chocolate apricot scones are Simon-worthy. Because they are delicious.

So, instead of eggs in this recipe, I use applesauce; it just makes them moister and adds a little bit of apple-y flavor. You can add 1/4 cup of applesauce for ever egg, or just go ahead and use eggs, it’s up too you.


The MC of The Hunger Games loves chocolate cake. However, she does not love it quite as much as Zuzana, so her recipe is not chocolate cake. Instead, she gets Pots de Creme. Sweet, smooth, and densely chocolate with just the tiniest hint of coffee flavor.

Also, just because I’m weird about things like this, Pots de Creme is not pronounced “pawts day cream”, but rather “po de krehm”. Kind of like how macarons are not pronounced “mack uh roons” (whole different animal, macaroons), but rather “mackrons”.


One of the first things America ever did with Maxon was bet whether or not they could make her little sister, May, cry over strawberry buns. I wish I could tell you I have a recipe for strawberry buns that will make you cry. I do not. I do, however, have a recipe for strawberry angel pavlovas that you will cry over. Because they are so delicious.


The princesses in Entwined eat a lot of bread and butter. The MC, Azalea, is partial to toast. And this cinnamon swirl bread makes quite magnificent toast. That is, if you can wait until the morning after to eat it and not just eat the entire loaf with your hands as soon as it comes out of the oven. It’s rather fun to eat, too, because you can pull apart the layers like you would a cinnamon roll and eat it in long strips.


Both Clary and Simon from City of Bones love coffee. And I feel like one of the various Shadowhunters has a sweet tooth, but I just can’t remember which one. And so, the recipe for this book is coffee toffee, which is horribly fun to both make and say. Admit it; you just said coffee toffee out loud.

If you haven’t, you now really want too.


Pretty much all the food in Harry Potter I want to try. Except maybe pumpkin juice. But it’s pretty much universally known that every who has read the series wants to try butterbeer at one point or another. And, let me tell you: for something that is just ice cream, cream soda and butterscotch sauce, it’s scarily good. Like, let’s use the entire huge bottle to make all the butterbeer and drink it today kind of good.


The Oz from Dorothy Must Die is not the Oz that you grew up reading about. This Oz is dark and brutal and deadly, and yet everyone still loves pastel colors and sweets. Also, the MC’s name is Amy Gum. Hence, bubblegum marshmallows. Please note that I have not tried this recipe before, but everything this woman makes is delicious (that is the law), so I fully expect it’s incredible. Also, I expect, terrifically sweet.


Walk on Earth a Stranger. No bake chocolate peanut butter cookies. You really don’t want to know my reasoning behind this one.


I can’t really explain why for this one, but espresso brownies just seem perfect for the Splintered series and Alyssa in particular. These triple chocolate espresso brownies are the final recipe in this list, and they are a doozy. Dangerously good. Seriously, only make these if you plan on taking them to a party or something, or you won’t be able to help yourself.

And that is the end of this post, blogglings! I actually think it takes the record for the longest post I’ve ever written. And, in case you can’t tell, I am also trying for the record of the amount of times “delicious” was used in a blog post. I believe I need to say it one more time.


There you go.

Happy Monday,



9 thoughts on “Books & Desserts || The Perfect Pair || AKA the post in which I use the word “delicious” way too much

  1. What an absolutely delightful post! We just started a 30 day no dairy/no gluten thing that our doctor felt strongly about, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be making November cakes on Feb. 1.


    1. Macaron shells are gluten and dairy free. They’re pretty much just almonds and eggs. I guess it would be harder to find a filling that was dairy free…jam, maybe?

      But you should totally make November Cakes. They’re totally addicting.


  2. This was a fabulous post!!! All those books! ALL THOSE DESSERTS! The desserts match perfectly with each book.

    I think I’ll go eat something. This post made me pretty hungry! XD


  3. First of all, I LOVE this post idea.
    Ahh yes, there are few things better than sitting in a table in a local cafe, sipping morning tea and getting fingers sticky with a glazed pastry while reading pages of your favorite book.
    MARACONS YES. My favorite flavors are blackberry and maple. There’s a French bakery near my house that sells the yummiest sort 🙂
    Gingerbread cake is wonderful. For me, the crystallized sugar is a total must and makes the dish go from “eh” to “HOLY CRAP”. It just adds so much texture and crunch!
    I’ve never had Pots de Creme, but they sound really good; I may have to try them. Chocolate and coffee are two flavors I love together.

    – Ellie


    1. There’s this one place in Vancouver that I have to visit every time I go because their macarons are AMAZING. They have this strawberry black pepper macaron that sounds like it wouldn’t be good but really is.

      Yes. Like, some people just buy dried ginger even though the crystallized ginger is either the same price or like an extra fifty cents and I just don’t get it. Once you eat it with the crystallized ginger you’ll know it’s worth the extra money.

      Pot de Creme is super delicious and super easy to make, too. The hardest part is waiting the two hours for it to firm up.


  4. I ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY HURT RIGHT NOW BECAUSE THESE ALL SOUND SO DELICIOUS. (HA! Delicious!) But seriously, Aine. Omg, I am so hungry. And I LOVE the pairings. I always think of those apple sweets that Winter ate in Winter too…but yes to the lemon cakes. Although lemon cakes makes me instantly think of Game of Thrones too. xD AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pairing for Carry On. Probably because I just finished that book and am still craving scones.
    Okay. I’m going to go be a cake now.


    1. Sour apple petites? Those sound so good but I have no idea where to even start to make them. It’s also so much harder when it’s a candy in a book because those are harder to make a recipe before.


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