I Want To See A Book Set In…


We all have our favorite places. And, quite often, we want to see our favorite places in movies and or books. Sometimes I wonder if one of the reasons I like iZOMBiE so much is because it’s set in Seattle, and I know where all the places they mention are (Capitol Hill precinct? Yeah, I’ve been there. I have not, however, been to the morgue). And yet, for some reason, books tend not to be set in my favorite places, and I really have no idea why that is.

And so, I have compiled a list.


I mean, come on! We’re pretty awesome. Plus, there are all the little areas around Seattle that would be cool places to set books. Fremont. Ballard. Queen Anne. There’s even a cement troll under a bridge that’s like thirty feet tall or something (Google Fremont Troll, it should show up), and for a little while there was a rumor that there was an actual troll living in the cement troll, which is a good book idea (and now I might actually write it).


I love Portland. Mostly because of Powell’s (block long bookstore!), but it’s also a pretty cool city, and there are so few books set there, it’s kind of sad.


Sunriver is really awesome, and, again, the perfect place to set a book. It’s this little town with a bunch of vacation rentals, bike trails everywhere, and this cute little town. It’s also high desert, there’s a river, and mountains and crazy amounts of snowfall in the winter. It’d be a very cute place to set a summer romance novel.


Chico is actually one of the smallest cities I have ever been too, and it has this very odd vibe too it: part hipster/artsy community, part suburb, part ranch country. I guess the ranch country is more Corning, but Chico is this very interesting place, and I can totally imagine some contemporary book about art and horses and possibly a road trip set there.


The Edge of Nowhere doesn’t count, because it didn’t get the Whidbey vibe right at all. I’m still actually kind of offended how wrong they got Whidbey. But Langley is possibly my favorite place on Earth, and it’s like ten or something miles from the Ferry, and I just really want to see a book set in Langley that actually gets it right.


For whatever reason, there aren’t a ton of YA books set in Hawaii, which is odd, since Hawaii, Maui especially, seems like a perfect place to set an urban fantasy novel.


I love the Vancouver bakeries. Like really, really love them. They’re all over the place and they’re mostly Parisian. Like, my top three places to get macarons are all in Vancouver or the surrounding area. Basically, I want a book set here that has lots and lots of food in it. (lots and lots).

So, blogglings! What are some places you wish were the settings for books? Are there any TV shows/movies/books that feature your hometown? If there are, do you feel like it’s an accurate portrayal, or did they get it all wrong?

Happy Monday,



14 thoughts on “I Want To See A Book Set In…

    1. I’ve always thought that Seattle would be the perfect place to set some urban fantasy novel because we’re just weird enough that any magic creatures that might show up would pretty much be ignored.

      “Dude, I was down on Lincoln park and I saw Bigfoot.”

      “Really? What did he look like?”

      “Y’know, big and hairy and with teeth and all that.”


      And that would be pretty much it.

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      1. We’re very laid back communities. I feel like I remember a story about a tiger or a bear or something that escaped from a private collection and was wandering Seattle suburbs and it took a pretty long time to find it. People were seeing it, just not reporting it.

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  1. Omg, NOPE. I’ve never ever read a book set in a town I’ve lived. Although I’ve read one set near a beach I’d been to?? So I kind of imagined it was the same one but I doubt it. xD That’s the problem with Australian books *sigh* They’re always set in Melbourne or Sydney. LIKE C’MON. SET A BOOK SOMEWHERE OBSCURE PUH-LEASE. *pouts*

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  2. I was actually planning to use Oregon as the setting for one of my books, but it turned out to be a fictional city. I’m still thinking of using things from Oregon, though! Although I’ve never been there, there’s always research, right? *shrugs* We’ll see. ☺


  3. I know saying London will be kiiinda (really) mainstream, but gosh dammit I love that city. It’s so quaint and lively and diverse. And lots of people have cute British accents, there’s scones and unpredictable weather. During the two years I lived it, it really grew on me. AND THE LIBRARIES. I love how there’ll be a different one nearly every block.

    Hmm, I haven’t visited any of the places you’ve mentioned. I haven’t read a book set in my city either. (No one writes books about Pakistan. If they do, it’s about the extremism. Not the fact that 90% of the citizens have normal lives.) Maybe I’ll change that one day. I don’t know. Loved the post, Aine ❤


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