January Wrap-Up


Hello, blogglings! It’s currently the last day of January, and also the end of the first month of 2016. And that is really not as mind-blowing as I somehow expected it to be. Huh.


My most popular post was Beautiful People #14, in which I talked about my current WIP, The Mockingbird & The Hurricane, and various writerish goals for the coming year. I also talked about Ten Ways To Make Libraries More Awesome, the very best and most proper Book Nerd Etiquette, and I also shared snippets via Snazzy Snippets from my WIP.


Me and eight other awesome bloggers have shared our 2016 bookish predictions in Cait @ Paper Fury’s 2016 YA Genre Trend Prediction post.

Emily @ Loony Literate asks if your bookish photos need a certain theme.

Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout lists the seven types of villain deaths and asks which one is the best.


This month, I have read…37 books. Thirty. Seven. Books. And I have no idea how I even managed to do that? I average about twenty five books a month, so thirty seven is pretty high above average. Maybe I’m putting more pressure on myself to finish all my library books than I thought I was.

This month I reviewed Made You Up, Black Widow: Forever Red, See How They Run, and The Anatomical Shape of a Heart.


The Mockingbird & The Hurricane has been chugging along. Limping along. Basically, I am writing about 400 words a day and then go and drink black tea that’s way too sweet while I mutter about writer’s block. Yeah. But I also have a critique partner, now, which is great!


I have come to realize that I only really review books that are four or five stars: AKA, books I like. But I say about three quarters of the books I read are three stars or lower, and I don’t really know why I do this. Maybe it’s easier for me to write reviews for the books I like?

Also, I shall be at the Seattle stop on the Star’s Above tour! And it is happening in one of my favorite bookstores ever: University Bookstore. I believe I have gushed about them before. This is mostly because I can have actual conversations with the people who work there about books.

I will be going to Emerald City Comicon! I am super excited about this, and I am also totally going to be cosplaying, because I am not turning down the chance to dress up as one of my favorite characters. Who will I be cosplaying, you ask? I’ll add a picture in a sec.

Finally, I will also be attending Langley’s Murder Mystery Weekend for the second year in a row. I am quite excited about this. And this year, I will be doing it with someone who actually wants to do it, instead of the two people I did it with last year, who basically followed me around for an hour complaining. I left them on the beach and we didn’t see each other until lunchtime.

So, blogglings, how has your January been? Any exciting plans? Have any of you ever been to a comic convention (I have not). If you have, what did you cosplay?

And as to what I am going to cosplay…well, I needed something that would be cheap to make and yet reconizable. And so I will be cosplaying this.



Happy Sunday,



6 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up

  1. Omg YOUR COSPLAY. XD You are clearly ridiculously awesome, that is all I can say. Ahem. And also 37 books?!??!?! THIRRRRRTY SEVEN??! I read 20.😂 We shall now officially refer to YOU as Queen of Reading. ;D


    1. I AM VERY CLEARLY AWESOME. Although it was more to do with lack of funds. I wanted to go as Hawkeye, but I have no idea where to get a fake bow that actually looks real and also no idea how to make a hearing aid. So…Sherlock.


  2. 37 BOOKS?!?!? OMG. That is incredible! You must be so proud! It sounds like you’ve had a great January, so hopefully February is just as good to you. ❤ Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous recap! xx


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