Stars Above by Marissa Meyer | Prequals and Sequals and Cuteness


The universe of the Lunar Chronicles holds stories—and secrets—that are wondrous, vicious, and romantic. How did Cinder first arrive in New Beijing? How did the brooding soldier Wolf transform from young man to killer? When did Princess Winter and the palace guard Jacin realize their destinies?

With nine stories—five of which have never before been published—and an exclusive never-before-seen excerpt from Marissa Meyer’s upcoming novel, Heartless, about the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Stars Above is essential for fans of the bestselling and beloved Lunar Chronicles. (Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

I waited three hours to get this signed. Okay, that is a bit of a stretch; I waited at the bookstore for three hours before the event actually started so I wouldn’t have to wait hours in line like at the Winter Launch party. I bought another book and read for those three hours.

I also didn’t eat, but that was more me not really wanting to have to go and walk over to the cafe to get a slightly unappetizing looking sandwich.

Anyways, I’m not going to do this in one big review; more a bunch of little tiny reviews within a review.


The Little Android: 3.5/5

I didn’t love this one. I mean, I still enjoyed it, but maybe it was because I wasn’t really all that attached to the narrator, I kind of sped through it to get to the next story. However, I can tell that it’s well written and everything, and, yeah, the ending was so perfect and sad and I almost cried.

Glitches: 4/5

This one explains how Cinder came to live with her stepparents. Little Peony is so cute. And it’s also interesting to see how Cinder was back before she was used to her new metal parts and before she really new anything.

The Queen’s Army: 4.5/5

I FELT SO BAD FOR WOLF IN THIS ONE. It tells how he became one of the special operatives in the first place, and I imagine how much of a shock that would be for him to wake up with this new teeth and muscles and everything. And the bloodthirst; Wolf (or Ze’ev, I guess), was just this very peaceful person before some Lunar scientist came and started rummaging around with his genetics. AND HE WAS JUST A KID.

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky: 5/5

Thorne as a kid is pretty much exactly like how you imagined.This was a fun little read and it made me laugh a couple of times. And remember that thing in Cress, about how Thorne got suspended for starting a fight with two other boys who stole a girl’s portscreen? Yeah, that happens in this story.

The Keeper: 5/5

This I think was one of my favorite stories in the book. It tells how Scarlet came to live with her grandmother, and about how Cinder came under Michelle Benoit. It turns out Michelle was actually the one who gave Cinder her new name, and it tells Michelle’s backstory, as well. Super interesting. I kind of wish it was longer.

After Sunshine Passes By: 4/5

BABY CRESS IS SO CUTE. So cute and naive and gosh, I felt so bad for her. WE knew that Sybil was taking her to the satellite, but Cress (who was what, nine?) thought that she was being taken to Earth or to a nice part of Luna as a reward. And instead, she gets dumped in a cold, empty satellite by a cold, empty person.

Poor, sweet baby Cress.

The Princess and the Guard: 5/5

In this story it’s explained exactly why Winter decided not to use her gift, and we see the beginning of her Lunar sickness, as well as when and why Levana forced Winter to scar her own face. And this was also back when Winter and Jacin were best friends and could act like best friends, and they’re so cute. I love ’em.

The Mechanic: 4/5

This is Kai and Cinder’s first meeting, from Kai’s point of view. And while it was interesting and funny and everything, I found it a bit…lacking? Like there was some special detail that was missed or whatever.

Something Old, Something New: 5/5

The story that made fangirl’s hearts everywhere explode. I was grinning stupidly throughout this entire story. Aaaaand then I read it again. Because it’s so cute! One of the main couples is getting married and there’s of course reporters and whatever because, y’know, they saved the planet (and the moon!). And there were all our favorite characters and this was basically the epilogue everyone hoped and dreamed for and gosh I’m grinning just thinking about it.

If I had one, teeny tiny problem with it, it’s that everything felt slightly too neat? I KNOW, I’M NUTS. I get a happily ever after and I have a problem because it’s a happily ever after. But I’m not docking any points from it because IT WAS SO CUTE.

Basically, as always, Marissa Meyer gets all the stars.


Did you here about the graphic novels coming out? With Iko as the MC? I’m so excited. At Star Above’s launch, she said that there are going to be two, and they take place about a year after Winter’s epilogue and about a year before Something Old, Something New. GRAPHIC NOVELS, GUYS.

I’m sure they will be absolutely epic and I’m drooling over the concept art.

Happy Thursday,


8 thoughts on “Stars Above by Marissa Meyer | Prequals and Sequals and Cuteness

  1. I just finished Winter last night so I cannot wait to dive into this book. It sounds good! I’m glad it still holds up to the high standards Meyer’s set up for her writing. She’s such an amazing storyteller!

    Graphic novels with Iko sound awesome!



    1. She really is! I’m glad that she’s just one of those writers who gets better with every book, because I am fully intending to buy every book she ever writes.
      And I wish I could give you the link to the concept art for Iko…but I can’t actually remember where I found it.


  2. THE GRAPHIC NOVELS WITH… WHAT?! Oh my god, I’m ALWAYS out of the loop when it comes to The Lunar Chronicles. Which is amazing, because I’ve been reading each book immediately after it came out. But I never know these things!

    I’m glad your 3-hour wait and near-starvation (:D) ended up being worth it. I LOVE TLC as a whole. And while I’m not equally invested in every character, I can’t waaaaait to dive into their novellas. (I mean, your comment about Thorne as a kid being exactly like you’d imagine Thorne as a kid pretty much sold me on the whole thing.)


    1. If you sign up for Marissa Meyer’s newsletter she’s been talking about all her new releases and soon-to-be releases. And, and, in the most current one she had w picture of how Iko’s going to look in the graphic novels and Iko looks EPIC.


  3. AHH I AM SO EXCITED TO READ THIS. :’) It’s on my kindle BEGGING for my attention. (Which Idek why I haven’t given it yet?? I know it’s going to be wonderful. XD) And omg I didn’t realise Thorne would have a story and I’m like 1000% excited for that one in particular. 😉 Poor baby Cress and Cinder and Wolf and Winter tho. POOR BABIES ALL OF THEM.

    (Also I’m ridiculously excited that Iko is getting some graphic novels! THEY WILL BE BEyoND HILARIOUS.)


    1. POOR LITTLE BABIES. They’ve been through so much.
      One of my only disappointments about the book is that it never says if Thorne gets the cyborg fingers. Because I can totally see Thorne getting fingers that do something crazy.


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