Blue Lily, Lily Blue Recap


The release date for The Raven King is chugging steadily closer, which naturally means it’s time to brush up on the series so far. But not everyone owns /has a library with /money to buy Blue Lily, Lily Blue. And it’s been more than a year since Blue Lily came out.

And so, I welcome you, oh blogglings, to my Blue Lily, Lily Blue complete and total recap. Spoilers. Obviously.







If you have kept reading after that and get spoiled, it is your own fault and I am not to blame. Okay? Okay.


Blue Sargent: Only non-psychic in a family of psychics. Instead, she has the ability to amplify the powers of those around her. If she kisses her true love, her true love will die. Is a tiny ball of fury and awesomeness (but not because she didn’t eat her greens).

Richard Campbell Gansey III: Richy McRicherson who uses his vast amounts of money to hunt for the mystic Celtic king Glendower. Is definitely going to die (#savegansey), is probably-most-likely Blue’s true love. Drives an old orange Camaro everyone calls “The Pig”.  Is deathly allergic to bee stings. Calls Blue Jane. He has always liked the name Jane. Is basically an old main in polos.

Adam Parrish: A mechanic who is deaf in his left ear because he was hit by his father. Possibly likes Ronan. Touchy about money and life in general. Currently hosts Cabeswater and now is like a sort of magical lightbulb/magnet combination. Is possibly now sort of psychic.

Noah Czerny: Is dead. Was murdered by his best friend to wake the ley line. This did not work. Every since his body was moved from the ley line he has been fading. Is good friends with Blue. Is an innocent little ghost baby who did not deserve to be killed with a skateboard.

Ronan Lynch: A big ball of anger. Owns a raven named Chainsaw and likes fast cars. Can dream things into existence. Likes animals. Constantly argues with Blue. The snakeyist snake who ever snaked. Wears leather bracelets.


  • There are three sleepers: one to wake, on that really doesn’t matter if they’re woken or not, and one that THEY SHOULD NOT WAKE NO.
  • Gansey wears a yellow v-neck sweater instead of a polo.
  • Ronan and Gansey showed up at the courtroom to support Adam.


  • Blue’s mother has run away to a cave, possibly to find Butternut, Blue’s father. Blue is noticably bitter/angry/scared about this. She likes her mother at 300 Fox Way, making her sludgy brownies for her birthday.
  • The Raven people go caving, partly to see if they can find Glendower, partly to look for Blue’s mom. Ronan attempts to sing his squash song. Gansey falls down a hole without any warning. Just kind of falls and has a panic attack. Thinks he hears bees. What it really is is birds. Lots and lots of birds.
  • The man who hired Mr. Gray to retrieve the Greywarren, Greenmantle, came to town himself. He teaches Latin at Aglionby. He has a wife, Piper, who is just if not more invested in the whole thing. She also drives her car into a grocery store sign to possibly prove a point and also possibly just because she’s a bad driver.
  • Mr. Gray finds out that Greenmantle is in town as he teaches Orla to break his wrist. He lists off all the bad things that could happen if they out Greenmantle as an assassin. Greenmantle killed Ronan’s father. Ronan storms out, furious.
  • Blue and Gansey go driving in the middle of the night. They almost-kiss and then drive back.
  • They meet Mallory, who brings with him a stress-animal. A dog just named the dog. Blue likes the dog and the dog likes Blue because Blue is a friend to all animals.
  • Blue’s face is on medieval drapery. Which is weird. Gansey is also very horrible at making tea.
  • Blue makes friends with a man named Jessie because she wants to explore his cave. Does yardwork for him. Turns out Jessie is cursed also. They bound over curses and spagetti-os.
  • They go down into Jessie’s cave. They wake a sleeper who possesses Chainsaw. Sleeper’s name is Gwenllian and is Glendower’s daughter. She is slightly insane. Orla objects to her being brought back to 300 Fox Way. Gwenllian is the sleeper that is doesn’t really matter if they wake.
  • Adam dreams about Persephone. Has a bad feeling. Almost dies trying to scry where Persephone is. Persephone dies trying to scry where Blue’s mother is. They find Persephone’s body up in Neve’s old room between the mirrors.
  • They go to Jessie’s cave.
  • Ronan dreams up evidence that Greenmantle murdered a child, at Adam’s idea. Greenmantle wants to get out of there. Piper disagrees. Piper leaves with a couple ‘o thugs and kills Jessie when Jessie tries to protect the cave. Overpowers Mr. Gray and ties him up and brings him into the cave.
  • They find a whole bunch of animal bones. Some of these animals have long-since been extinct. Gansey yells at them to wake up and they do. They begin running toward a rapidly closing entrance at the end of the cave. Blue rides a stag. Ronan rides something else. They both get through the entrance but no one else does.
  • There is a lake where everything you throw in vanishes. Blue can walk across it without vanishing. She enters another cave, finds her mother and Butternut, both curled up and fighting the urge to wake the third sleeper who THEY SHOULD NOT WAKE NO. Piper and Piper’s thug and Mr. Gray appear. Blue frees Mr. Gray. The lights go out and they fight in the dark. Mr. Gray beats everyone up. The cave threatens to collapse.
  • Blue, her mother, Butternut, and Mr. Gray escape, the cave collapses.
  • Piper is alive. She is woken by Neve, who was supposed to be gone/dead/missing but is not. They wake the third sleeper who THEY SHOULD NOT WAKE NO.

And that is my confusing, probably somewhat lacking in detail recap. Hopefully it jogs your memory.Now all we need to do is wait for The Raven King.

Happy Saturday,



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