The Pros and Cons of Redesigned Book Covers



Redesigned book covers can be the greatest thing that ever happened or the bane of every bookworm’s existence. However, for whatever reason, publishers really love to do it, and it has happened to pretty much every major book series.

These changes can be for the better


or for the worse.



It can make the covers look even better! Look at the new Shadowhunters covers as opposed to the old ones. Which ones do you like better? I would think the new ones.

Two words: Special. Editions. Don’t let anyone tell you they aren’t cover redesigns, because they are.

Most of us will end up with a couple different copies of our favorite books anyways, and it’s just kind of more satisfying (and looks prettier on the bookshelf!) if they have two different covers.

A cover redesign (especially a really good one) gives you the perfect excuse to buy another copy of your favorite book or series! I already own the entire Harry Potter series. Am I going to buy it again so that I can have the new covers? Heck yeah!

It gives an older, kind of forgotten series a new light. Which, yeah, is probably why publishers do it!


A cover change mid-series. WHY IS THIS DONE? Now your books don’t match on your bookshelf.

Four words: Movie. tie in. Edition. NO. Don’t ruin the marvelous, beautiful cover by using the movie poster instead. Look at the Divergent cover; before movie, after movie. I’d say the the before-movie cover is ten times better.

The all too common horrible, awful redesign by someone who clearly hasn’t read the book (coughTheBellJarcough).

It’s always frustrating when the publishers release several different cover redesigns all at once, so your series doesn’t match.

All an author’s covers tend to look kind of similar, and look good together on a bookshelf. Which is why it’s a horrible tragedy when only one of an author’s books/series gets redesigned and none of the others do.

A really awful cover redesign can make you not want to buy the book. Because, yes, bookworms totally judge books by their covers.

So, my blogglings! How was your Easter? Significantly crazy (mine was)? What are some of you favorite and least favorite cover redesigns? Is there anything I missed that I should add to this list?

Happy Monday,




19 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Redesigned Book Covers

    1. I know, right??? It’s so annoying, and most of the time it’s done when there’s only like a book or two left in the series. Honestly, just wait until the series is over AND THEN do the redesign.


  1. I absolutely hate it when I have covers that don’t match! I bough the White Cat trilogy a while ago (and still haven’t finished it) but didn’t realize when ordering book 3 that they had all new covers… completely different from the others. Now I try to be a little more careful with my purchases. But, actually, I never bought any of the Throne of Glass books until the redesign, because I really hated the original covers!


      1. It was a long time ago-the third book came out in 2012 and didn’t have the original cover, so I want to say they redid the whole trilogy around then!


      2. Yes, those! Books one and two both had people on the cover (not my favorite thing, but at least they matched!) and a black, white, and red color scheme–completely different!


  2. Okay, so … sometimes the change is really for the better. Like the Anna and the French Kiss series is redesigned absolutely gorgeous!!!
    And … I buy A LOT of movie tie-ins. Especially if an actor I love is on it. Like Testament of Youth, simply stunning, but I also agree with what you said. Mid-series changes are the worst! I have the Sookie Stackhouse series, which consists of 13 books. I own all of them with the TV tie-in and all of them have black spines EXCEPT BOOK #12. That one decided to be white instead. WHYYYYY?


    1. Oh, yes! They are gorgeous, and so much better than the original covers. AND THAT WOULD BE UNBELIEVABLY FRUSTRATING! Especially since it’s not like every other cover is white or something.


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