Five Marvel Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own YA Novel


It’s a very special day, oh blogglings! That’s right, it’s Comicon day!


I am extremely excited. We’ve had the tickets since September, and OHMYGOSH it’s finally here. I’m basically bouncing around the house, and since I’m writing it Thursday night and not Friday (today) morning, that just shows how excited I am.

So, naturally, I have comic books on the brain.

Now, I am a huge Marvel fangirl. DC…not so much (although I do like The Flash. Comic only, I can’t speak for his TV show counterpart). But both of these comic publishers have been announcing that there’s going to be YA novels of some of their most popular characters.

On the Marvel Side, there was Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl, which came out last September (and is going to be followed up by Black Widow: Red Vengeance). Eoin Colfer is writing an Iron Man novel, and Shannon and Dean Hale are writing a Captain Marvel novel (!).

DC recently announced that they’d be doing a similar thing. The first, Wonder Woman, will be out August 2017, and is being written by Leigh Bardugo. Marie Lu is writing a Batman novel, Matt de la Peña is writing a Superman novel, and Sarah J. Maas is writing a Catwoman novel.

But this got me thinking; what other superheroes deserve their own YA novels? This list is all Marvel, so sorry all you DC fans. Possible spoilers, but if there are any, they will be tiny.


(From Rio Bravo by Matt Fraction)

The Hawkeyes

AKA, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop

And, of course, Arrow the dog. But they have such an interesting relationship that I think would make for a super entertaining novel. Plus, archery is super *in* right now.

Spider-Man. Aka, Miles Morales.

Whenever we hear the word Spider-Man, we think about Peter Parker. Which is fine and everything, but I think more people should know about Miles. He’s a rather fantastic character. Yes, he’s not part of the original universe (part of an alternate universe. I thiiink the same one where Spider-Gwen lives, but I’m not 100% sure). Actually, I think there should be a novel about all of the various Spider-People…Spider-Gwen, Silk, Spider-Man (both Peter and Miles), Spider-Woman…just dump everyone in a Spider-Man novel and let them sort it out.

Storm. AKA I’m not possitive what her real name is because it’s almost never mentioned. I think it’s Ororo.

Honestly, her various storylines are so confusing that I’m not always sure when I pick up a comic that I’m reading one set in the main universe. She was worshipped as a god for a while. Dated Wolverine. Works pretty closely with Beast. Is a member of the X-Men (and I think one of the founders, too). And, y’know, can create storms out of midair.


(Design by Adrian Alphonas)

Ms. Marvel. AKA, Kamala Khan

Basically the greatest person to have ever graced the Marvel universe as we know it. Kamala is a slightly nerdy, slightly awkward, superhero-obsessed teenage girl, who just happens to be drawn and written realisticly. I would read a book with her in a heartbeat.

Lockjaw. AKA Lockjaw.

Because it’s basically a giant bulldog with a tuning fork on his head who can teleport. I MEAN, COME ON. Everyone admit it; you’d totally read a novel about him.

So! Tell me, oh my blogglings, what superheroes do you think should get their own YA novels? Do our lists share anyone? And do you adore Kamala as much as I do? Just FYI, the answer is yes.

Happy Friday,



12 thoughts on “Five Marvel Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own YA Novel

    But the news that Marvel and DC are having some of there massive superheroes written into YA novels is super exciting to me as well because I’ve always wanted to be into comics but that medium never really appealed to me.
    I would love Storm and Hawkeye novels!! I would also love like X-Men novels I think that would be very cool! Have a great time at comicon!


    1. I KNOW, RIGHT? This is totally epic! And I love comics, don’t get me wrong, but reading in a book format is just more enjoyable to me. And thanks! Comicon was fun, but utterly exhausting. I am going to sleep for ten million years or possibly watch the rest of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt this afternoon. Either way, I’m going to turn my brain off for a good, long while.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know a lot of these. I tend to stick more to the DC side when it comes to READING comics but I really love the Marvel characters too. I need to read Ms. Marvel still, but from what I know, she would definitely be a great character to write a novel about. Have fun at Comic Con! So jealous.


    p.s. giveaway going on if interested!


  3. I would loooove some books (AND MOVIES) about some of the lesser known comic heroes! I mean, they’re all so awesome?!? But like the movie people just reboot Spiderman a billion time sand meh. >_> I want to see ones like Ms Marvel! Or just ALL THE GIRL SUPERHEROES?!? heh. Anyway, I’m not a DC fan fan at all. But I love Batman. ❤ and by "Batman" I mean CHRISTIAN BALE AS BATMAN. There is no other Batman. I fell asleep watching the newer Superman movie (oops). But anyway! I will 100% be reading Leigh Bardugo's book because she is a writing queen.
    And I'd love to see the Xmen written into books!! Particularly some of the lesser known Xmen. :')


    1. GOSH I KNOW. If you really want to make ANOTHER Spider-Man movie, make it with Miles as Spider-Man! AND YES. MORE GIRL SUPERHEROES IN MOVIES. That is a must.
      Gosh, the Superman movie…I don’t even like Superman to begin with, but that movie was it’s own particular kind of unlikeable.


    It makes me SO happy because a) Marvel, duh b) COMICS AND BOOKS AND OMG THIS IS EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER DREAMED ABOUT, c) there are some wondrous authors on that list and it’s making me so excited.

    Storm totally deserves a book *nods* I adore her! (and when I was little, used to pretend I had all her powers and swishy jackets)


    1. I KNOW, RIGHT? And I’m so happy they’re making a Captain Marvel novel, because I ADORE her, and the wait for the movie is just TOO LONG. Storm does have really awesome swishy jackets. I’ve never actually really thought about that before now, but now I want one of her swishy jackets. And her powers too, of course, but mostly her swishy jackets.


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