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In this tag (which I was tagged for by Kat) I spill my deepest, darkest secrets. Mwa ha ha ha ha. Also, I couldn’t find a recent picture of myself that wasn’t the horrible “guys, stay exactly like that, let me take a picture” type things, with the forced smiles and weird poses and whatever. So here is a picture of me on Halloween at the zoo in my unicorn costume when I was like five.

You’re welcome.


Name: Áine. I just googled it and it means radiance, and is also the name of the Celtic faerie queen. Which naturally means I am a queen by name. SO BOW DOWN, MY LOYAL BLOGGLINGS, OR I’LL TURN YOU INTO A TREE OR WHATEVER FAERIE QUEENS DO. Also, for those wondering, my name is pronounced “awn-yuh”. A lot of people think it’s pronounced “Ain” (as in rain) or “Ain-y”.

Nicknames: Serious nicknames? None. But people have taken to calling me Yah-yah, which is what my two year old cousin calls me because he can’t pronounce Aine.

Birthday: December 14th, 1998

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Occupation: Student!


Hair Color: Brown. Espresso brown is the best way I can think to describe it. And I get natural auburn highlights in it during the summer.

Hair Length: Short. I have a longer pixie cut. (BECAUSE I’M A FAERIE QUEEN, GET IT? [not really. I just don’t like the hassle that comes with long hair])

Eye Color: Black-brown. Also they need glasses.

Best Feature: When it’s not waging war on my pores, I like my nose.

Piercings: Just the normal ol’ studs in my earlobes.

Tattoos: None. Although I have plans. A feather quill for when I publish my first book, and a bag of sugar for when I graduate pastry school.

Right or Left: Right handed.


Best Friend: I‘m not going to answer this one. I don’t really like assigning the label of “best friend” on someone, because it feels a bit like I’m saying “this person is my FAVORITE friend”

Award: I won a cake decorating contest a few years ago. It’s still up on the West Seattle Blog if you want to look. I made an owl cake.

Sport: I did one of those things for a few years where the parents go and talk and the kids play kickball. But like a sport-sport? Nothing. I’m going to take fencing this summer, if that counts.

Real Holiday: Not counting visiting various family members…the first time we took a vacation just to take a vacation was when we went to Maui when I was twelve.

Concert: I have not yet been to a concert.


Film: Uh…I actually don’t really know? My current filmish obsession is The Force Awakens, so let’s go with that.

TV Show: Doctor Who. Or Agent Carter, because I love Peggy to bits even if I didn’t like the second season as much.

Color: Because I like to be difficult: #E7FEFF

Song: I don’t really have one? But currently the song stuck in my head is the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song, which EVERYONE warned me about but did I listen? Noooo…the Faerie Queen does not listen.

Restaurant: Marination Ma Kai is this cute little Hawaiian restaurant down on Alki where everything is delicious and they serve their shaved ice the Hawaiian way, on top of ice cream. Faerie Queen approves.

Shop: Elliot Bay Book Co.! Seriously, if you’re ever in Seattle or the surrounding areas, totally take a trip up onto Capitol Hill to visit this bookstore. It’s awesome. Plus, it’s right around the corner from Molly Moon’s, which is the most awesomest ice cream shop ever.

Books: I’m going to list three of my current favorites: The Accident Season, Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, and Fangirl.


Feeling: Excited: book club is tonight and it is going to be epic.

Single or Taken: Single. Faerie Queens need no boyfriends.

Eating: Dried pineapple rings

Thinking About: Book club and the fact that I forget to get my cousin a birthday present while I was out.

Watching: Kimmy Schmidt and The Office.

Wearing: Jeans, my Millennium Falcon t-shirt, and my Much Ado about Murder hoodie from mystery weekend.


Want Children: Haven’t decided yet. Because babies stress me out but at the same time I like the idea of being a mom.

Want to be Married: Yes. Preferably to another writer/booknerd to understands why I’m crying over fictional characters.

Careers in Mind: I want to be a pastry chef, and run my own cafe/bookstore one day.

Where Do You Want To Live: Somewhere still around here: Seattle, Portland, or Vancouver (Canada).


God: Honestly? I don’t know.

Miracles: Yes.

Love at First Sight: No. I believe that you can have attraction at first sight, but real, true love? No.

Ghosts: Sort of. Depends on how much horror I’ve been reading or watching.

Aliens: Yes. Even if it’s just some race of semi-sentiant tree people who eat each other.

Soul Mates: No. Because that implies that there is only one person out there for you, and I don’t think that’s true. I believe that there are multiple people out there for you, and maybe you only ever meet one of them in your life.

Kissing on a First Date: Well, yeah, if you want too.

Yourself: I do. Sometimes it may not feel like that, but yes, I really do.


Koral @ Purposeful Fish Hooks

and anyone who wants to do it!

Faerie Queen out!





11 thoughts on “The Get To Know Me Tag

  1. I loved reading this! Ahhh, it was so nice to finally know how to pronounce your name. I’ve been pronouncing it “ayn” in my head for the longest time but I knew that wasn’t right?!? Awn-yuh is so gorgeous though ❀
    It sounds like we look pretty similar! My eyes are slightly greener, though.
    I'm an Aries! Hurrah for fire signs!
    DRIED PINEAPPLE ASDFGHJKL. Dried fruit is sO gOoD.
    I'm possibly the only teenage girl I know who doesn't have my ears pierced….idk, I've just never really wanted to. I could never get tattoos, I'm too squeamish about needles. *shudders*
    BOOKSTORES THAT ALSO SERVE DESSERTS SIGN ME UP. I would totally visit your future business, tbh.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


    1. Thanks! And I eat this INSANE amount of dried fruit in the winter because literally there are only like three fruits you can get: apples, pears, and kiwis, which gets a bit old after a while.
      I’m actually kind of indifferent about pierced ears, too? I got them pierced when I was like six, and it was only really because all my friends where getting their ears pierced. Like I don’t buy earrings or anything.


  2. Fencing definitely counts as a sport and you were way more creative in describing your hair colour than I was. Defining colours really isn’t my thing hahaha
    I think you can have more than one soul mate though. I don’t know why exactly, but I just think that there are some people you really connected to in your life and those are your soul mates.


    1. I think it’s mostly because when I describe a character I mostly just describe their hair and eye color and leave the rest to the reader? So it’s kind of habit.
      That’s what I think, too, it’s just when most people say soul mate, they make it sound like they believe there’s only one person out there for you.


      1. Makes sense. I am always super vague about the characters appearance, except about their height and if they have like flashy hair colours. Eyes are important though.
        I know what you mean. They do make it sound like there is THE ONE and that’s just BS


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