Snazzy Snippets: May 2016


Hello. I am writing this post late at night. Well, not really late at night (it’s only like eight), but it feels like about midnight because I am so. freaking. exhausted. Seriously. I’m going to get home tomorrow and sleep for years.


So, Snazzy Snippets is a writing link-up hosted by Alyssa and Emily, who also happen to run totally awesome blogs, so, y’know, click on the links.

The snippet prompt things for this month is this:

A snippet that was difficult to write (define ‘difficult’ as you like!)
A snippet you had a lot of fun writing
A snippet you plan to delete/significantly revise

The snippets this month are from a WIP I haven’t talked about much; it’s called A Dance With Monsters, and is a urban fantasy/magical realism novel, and the whole idea has been kind of lurking in the back of my head for more than a year. And I figure it’s probably time to write it. So I started writing it. And I am totally in love with it. I don’t think I’ve ever had another piece of writing come as easily to me, which is freaking awesome.

Yep yep.


My dreams are made of music and smoke and dancing things. They are always the same, always exactly the same, full of swirling half-seen figures and thundering drumbeats and the sharp tang of the smoke heavy in my throat and nose. I will wade through a fog as thick as soup, my feet bare against the cold, damp dirt. The dancers will spin around me, but every time I try to view a face, they have been whisked out of sight. I will wake up, desperate and aching and frustrated, and longing for something that I cannot quite place.

It has been like this for as long as I can remember.

This is the first paragraph of the novel, and it just doesn’t feel quite right somehow, so it’s super frustrating and I keep going back and editing it, and it’s just so difficult. grr.


Oliver shoves something into the palm of my hand, her grin lopsided, her lipstick smeared. Her mask is missing a couple of glittery rhinestones. I open my hand and stare down.

“You didn’t.”

“I did!” Oliver looks immensely proud of herself, and I grin at her before shoveling the faerie cake into my mouth.

I moan. The palm-sized cake looks innocent enough; like an unfrosted, unrisen vanilla cupcake. But the cake itself is so moist and delicate it practically disolves when you take a bite of it, leaving the gentle aftertaste of almond. And inside the cake itself is a coffee cream, smooth and delicious. And, in the heart of it all, is a tiny caramel, buttery and rich, and just melts in your mouth.

I  adore writing scenes with food. It’s so fun.


Caitlyn throws an arm around my shoulder and pulls me tight, the feathers at the edge of her mask tickling my face. I can smell the pungent red wine on her breath, and I can tell she’s already had more than one cup by the way she sways, unsteady on her feet. She’s got a red plastic cup clutched in her hand, and I ease it away. “I think you’ve have enough, Caitlyn.”

She pouts. “But, Evie! It’s the Autumn festival! How else are we supposed to scare away the faeries?”

I sigh.

It just doesn’t feel that needed to me. I dunno.

So, tell me blogglings, what are you writing currently? Anything fun? Do you like writing food scenes, as well?

Happy Sunday,



8 thoughts on “Snazzy Snippets: May 2016

  1. I love how poetic the first snippet sounds, although I understand being frustrated with your first lines. I feel the same way about my current WIP. Still, even if it doesn’t work out in the end, I think you have lovely language to springboard from. 🙂


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