Various Lifey Updates


Hello, blogglings, and welcome to what is basically my super jumbo lifey recap update thingy. Because apparently I can’t remember to do end of the month wrap-ups. Which is kind of stupid, really, because it should be easy to remember. I should just write a blog post on the final day of every month! But noooo, my brain apparently can’t handle it.



I finished Camp NaNoWriMo. Technically. Meaning I wrote 20k words but those 20k words were little bits and pieces of other projects, but I counted it anyways and celebrated by plotting for two new novels.

Also; The Mockingbird & The Hurricane is fighting me hard. I’ve got all these spectacular plans for it but Atticus and Rayne are refusing to character and basically, just, kind of plot. That’s my problem. Plot. So it’s been put on the backburner for a while, and my brain has moved on to other things while TM&TH stews in the background.

Currently I’m working on:

Zephyr, which is a cowrite and a complete genre mash-up. Because it’s kind of sci-fi and kind of fantasy and also kind of dystopian. Magic and teleportation and a strange planet and bad government and also dragons (later in the novel). It’s up on Wattpad if you care to look. Also, my cowriter is totally awesome and nice, so don’t just stick on my profile, go and check out hers, too. (I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but she’s also created a special hashtag for the novel: #ZephyrCo. I don’t know if telling you guys does anything, but, hey, might as well).

A Dance With Monsters: A book about changelings and dreams and identities, and what would happen if you found out your whole life was a lie. An urban fantasy and I’m currently working on the first draft. Here’s the Pinterest board.

The Children of Ink & Wonder: A road trip slash coming of age thingy about a brother and a sister and a best friend who decide to take a road trip from their hometown of middle of nowhere, Idaho, to San Francisco in basically the world’s worst car. Which is the main plot. And then there are three subplots; the brother cannot wait to get out of their tiny ranching town, but feels guilty leaving, the sister feels like she’s a failure for being uncreative in a very creative family, and the best friend who’s dealing with this identity/guilt thing. Here’s the Pinterest board.


Currently on vacation in sunny (ish) LA, California, which basically means whenever we want to go somewhere, we’re stuck in ten tons of traffic. Honestly, if I were to go anywhere in California, it would be San Francisco, but my dad’s side of the family lives here, so this is where we went. And we’re actually flying back home today, and I’m kind of relieved. Traveling is exhausting.

But while we’ve been down here, we got to visit the Teen Wolf set, this time while they were filming. Everyone was super nice, and it was super cool to look around all the sets. The only problem was that my sense of timing was all out of whack thanks to all the lights they use to film; it seemed like it was late afternoon, when it was really like eight at night.

I got to visit Disneyland for the first time. It was a surprise, but I think my parents were a little disappointed because when they woke us up and told us, apparently both me and my brother’s reaction was “what? why?” before pretty much rolling over and going back to sleep. But it was pretty fun once we actually got there, and I got to eat delicious food.

And, of course, YALLWest. It was a total coincidence that we were down here while YALLWest was happening, so it’s super lucky, but I got to go on Saturday and it was awesome. Really, really cool. I mean, it’s a YA book convention! Why wouldn’t that be awesome? I went to a couple of cool panels (one on writing multiple POVs, and another on platonic relationships in YA), got some free stuff, and got my copy of Glass Sword signed!

It was kind of awesome to be in this place full of people who really love books, because things like that just don’t happen all that often. I mean, comicon was like that a little bit, but since YALLWest was a bit smaller, it kind of felt more personal. I met some really cool people (including Margot and Aubrey from Epic Reads Tea Time, which was sort of awesome), and was surrounded by booknerdishness for a good five hours. I’m kind of sad I didn’t get to stay longer or go again yesterday, honestly.

I kind of think what would be one of the best parts of being a moderately well-known author is being able to go to stuff like that. For free. Or, actually, get paid to do awesome things like YALLWest and YALLFest and BEA and various comic cons and all the other fun stuff like that.

So! What’s new in your lives, blogglings? Did anyone go to YALLWest? If so, maybe we saw each other! (I was wearing shorts over tights, red converse, and a gray shirt that said “the book was better”) Does anyone else have a Wattpad account?

Happy Monday,



8 thoughts on “Various Lifey Updates

    1. I did it sneakily on the sly in the middle of the night.
      It actually hasn’t been like this for very long? Maybe a week? And it’s pretty similar in color scheme/layout to my other one, it’s just a bit easier to find stuff.
      Cheers to that.


    1. IT WAS SO AWESOME, and I was heartbroken that I didn’t get to go both days. But I’m thinking that maybe I’ll see if we can get a hotel in Santa Monica next year and go for both days.


    Firstly: omg you got to visit the Teen Wolf set?! *shrieks* THAT IS AWESOME.
    And Yallwest seems really cool!! I think it’d be awfully surreal to go to something like that and meet authors and sit on panels. ahhh. I kind of wish Australia had something like that?! (Although, tbh, I’m such a hermit I probably wouldn’t go. πŸ˜‚ But I’d LOVE to hear some writing lectures IRL.)
    And your ideas sound AMAZING. I LOVE THEM. The monstery one sounds like exactly my thing so i’m going to go stalk your pinterest. XD I hope TM&TH doesn’t give you grief for too long though. Some books need to stew a bit longer though, right? *feeds TM&TH cake to make it grow*


    1. It was kind of surreal, honestly, especially because I also met a couple of authors completely on accident? Like I literally bumped into Veronica Roth. AND WHERE ELSE DOES THINGS LIKE THAT HAPPEN?
      People seem really excited about my monstery one, so I’m glad about that!


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