Library Tour!

A new library opened up about six blocks away from my house last Saturday. So yesterday morning I walked down to get some pictures and scope it out. I also maybe had to call someone to pick me up and take me back to the house because I found so many books. Possibly.

So I spent a couple of a minutes wandering around before finding the teen section; it’s tucked back in the corner, and painted a rather eyeball melting shade of orange. I don’t really get why libraries do this, honestly, because orange seems to be what’s wildly used, and I don’t actually know anyone, teen or otherwise, who has orange as their favorite color. Not that it’s  bad color, but still…why orange?


The selection is…not that great. For whatever reason they have doubles or triples of pretty much every single title, just in different formats. Like they’ve got the entire Chaos Walking trilogy in three different editions. So it looks like they have more books than they actually have.


Those orange squishy things are strangely comfortable.


It’s actually kind of hard to get pictures without anyone else in them, because the computer area is right in the middle, and, because we live in a neighborhood where people don’t really read a lot, pretty much all of the ten or so computers were filled.


They had the cutest children’s section, though. With little baskets built in the shelf at toddler eye-level with new picture books, seats shaped like dogs, and lights shaped like flowers. It’s pretty adorable.


So, yeah, it’s a pretty cute little library, although it looks much bigger on the outside. Maybe they’ve got a couple of big conference and study rooms or something.

Happy Tuesday,



10 thoughts on “Library Tour!

  1. Ooh PRETTY. I always love looking at library pictures so I can quietly covet other people’s libraries. AHHAHA. ahem. But seriously now. That is a nice looking YA section. My library has 2 shelves but they’re very small. VERY SMALL. And it breaks my heart because most of them are still filled with like the 2007 vampire rage…they need updating badly. (Which I’m working on with tons of requests!!)



      1. I do think libraries are awesome!!! I already have too many books in my uni library, so I think I’ll join the city library after I graduate 😊


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