Books & Ice Cream


I’ve done a couple of these before, and I was going to do this candy, but I’ve been thinking about ice cream a lot lately.

So yep. Ice cream. Unlike the other posts, this one is going to be more about color; I’m focusing less on any ice cream that’s been mentioned in the book, and more if the color of the ice cream matches the book’s cover/title/plot/theme or whatever. It’s way easier, because it turns out YA characters don’t eat ice cream that often (I KNOW. It’s horrible!)


Well, clearly this book needs to be mentioned first, because it’s about as summery as you can get. Considering the yellowishness of the cover, the first recipe that comes to mind is lemon sorbet. Now, that recipe is golden, but the same website also did a pretty cool article about what actually makes a sorbet good, and I’d recommend you check it out.


Now, this book actually has an ice cream truck on the cover. It needs to be mentioned! And, a couple times in the book, it’s said that Andie loves mint chocolate chip ice cream. And, let me tell you, homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream is leaps and bounds better than the unnaturally green ice cream, riddled with waxy chocolate chunks that you find in the grocery store.


My train of thought on this recipe is a bit different. Basically, let me warn you of one thing; if you decide to pit what was probably a good four pounds of cherries, you will get covered in cherry juice. And your family may think you are bleeding when they walk in the house post kitchen cleanup but pre-shower. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. And, also, here’s a recipe for chocolate-cherry ice cream.


I mean, my train of thought behind this one is extremely clear. The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl? Meet cinnamon ice cream. I make this pretty much all holiday season. The ice cream is gone? TIME FOR ANOTHER BATCH. It’s delicious and holiday-y while still being summery because it’s ice cream.


This book takes place mostly at sea, so the ice cream mentioned here must be somewhat salty. I almost, almost added a recipe for Molly Moon’s salt licorice ice cream, but then I realized it wouldn’t be fair to the 98% of people who do not like salted licorice, so I’m adding a recipe for salted caramel ice cream, instead.


Clary Fray likes her coffee black (like her soul!). And, from what I can understand, that’s an opinion that she shares with a lot of New Yorkers, unlike over here, where we will buy a $6 cup of coffee if the worlds “fair trade and organic” is stamped in front of it, even if the coffee is particularly awful. We just bury it under cream and sugar. I believe this ice cream would satisfy both New Yorkers and Seattlites: coffee ice cream.


One of the narrators of the book is a beekeeper. There are bees freakin’ everywhere. And there’s a bee on the cover. So why would I choose anything BUT honey ice cream for this recipe?


In my personal opinion, one of the reasons why this book got so well known is because of the mention of the fiction food November Cakes. Okay, maybe not, but they sound pretty delicious. Cakes filled with a buttery orange glaze, drizzled with honey and icing…they sound totally delicious. And so I give you, saffron, honey, and orange ice cream


Simon (and the whole Spier family, really,) loves oreos. He and his sisters made up a fantasy land they called Oreoland when they were bored, once. So why would it be anything other than oreo ice cream?


It’s no secret that Celaena likes the finer things in life. Pretty dresses, expensive jewelry and makeup, and it’s also no secret that she has a major sweettooth, for chocolate, especially. So I leave you with a simple recipe for chocolate ice cream.

So, tell me! What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Do you have a go-too ice cream shop in the summer?

Happy Thursday,


4 thoughts on “Books & Ice Cream

    1. I wrote this post craving ice cream. LIKE, WHY WOULD I WILLINGLY DO THAT TO MYSELF. And honey ice cream IS good. It’s got this super light, delicate flavor that I really love.


  1. I want ice cream sooooo bad after reading that! I think the first cover looks like lemon custard. Mint chocolate chip and coffee are my go-to flavors. I also have a thing for buying good vanilla ice cream and mixing in unsweetened cocoa powder. I have no idea why I find that even better than chocolate ice cream.

    I also like to indulge in Ben & Jerry’s Phish food. Caramel AND chocolate AND marshmallows. Too much is just right.


    1. It’s because chocolate ice cream is cast-offs of other ice cream that’s flavored by chocolate syrup. It’s not true chocolate. What you do is true chocolate. But Ben & Jerry’s uses real chocolate, and so does Molly Moon’s, and a couple of other smaller, more local places (not that Ben & Jerry’s is small).


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