So, Aine, What’s Been Going On In Your Life Lately? | Doughnuts + College News (!) + Writerish Stuff


I have decided to do a huge monstrous update post. Because, while I intended to be doing a recap at the end of every month, I, uh, kept forgetting to actually post them. So I don’t think I’ve done one of these since January, and a lot has happened in my life sense then, so BEWARE, INTERNET, FOR A LONG, LONG POST.

Ahem. Anyways.

I’m going to start with the bloggy type stuff.


I’m considering starting a Society6 account over the summer! Which I guess it’s technically bloggy type stuff, but at the same time it sort of is, so whatever. Keep an eye out for that, at least.

I’m possibly going to take a brief hiatus while I do Camp NaNoWriMo in July. I know that’s not for a little while, but I’d figure that I’m probably going to forget that I actually need to tell you sometime down the line and I might as well tell you now.

You may not have seen it yet, but I am currently running a giveaway! Basically I made cookies and we need to celebrate.

I’ve started posting book reviews on my book club’s Tumblr. My reviews are clearly the awesomest (#humble [#ican’tbelieveijustusedahashtag])

I have joined Twitter. My profile picture is of my dog because clearly I’m awesome like that. I’m struggling a bit with the whole limited words thing, and am basically now following every single YA author ever.


Current have two projects I’m working on right now!

All The King’s Horses: It’s sort of dystopian, sort of urban fantasy, sort of epic fantasy, and sort of sci-fi. It’s a sort of kind of novel. BUT IT HAS DRAGONS! It has two narrators: Alice, the dragon, and Cal, the prince/nephew of the king/soldier in the king’s army. It takes place in the future, around where Chicago is now, and is ruled over by a king. There’s a rebellion going on because the king basically only cares about the upper class citizens. The king has the bright idea to use dragons instead of the air force and Alice and Cal are put together. Alice is less than happy because A) she’s being fed horrible food, B) she’s in a cage, and C) she’s being fed horrible food. Cal is less than happy because he does not want to be a soldier, he does not even want to be in the royal family. Currently fulled outlined and is my Camp NaNo novel, first book in a duology ending with All The King’s Men.

Millie & Moon: Amelia”Millie” Sawyer volunteers at a rehabilitation center out in the middle of the woods, and finds a naked girl curled up in a storage room. The girl is a werewolf, but is extremely scared and refuses to tell anyone her name. Naturally, Millie starts calling her Luna and teaches her how to live in human society again. Much things ensue. Seems like a lighthearted, fluffy novel but it is not. Luna has had some haaaarrrdd thing happen to her.


I need a new bookshelf, because I have literal stacks of books around my room, which I cannot cross without knocking at least two over and starting a flood reaction that basically means I need ten minutes just to get everything stacked up again.

And I have been reading sadly few books because my life has been so. freaking. busy.


I’m currently melting like the Wicked Witch of the West because it is TOO FREAKING HOT FOR JUNE. Like, I want my rain back. Please. Another three weeks of jeans and hoodie weather would be appreciated.

I have started watching Jane the Virgin because I needed something fluffy but not stupidly so, and Jane is the freaking cutest. I want to be friends with her.

Apparently I’m allergic to dirt because yesterday I gardened and today I have all these itchy little bumps all over my hands, which is totally information that you needed to know.

Last Friday was national doughnut day! So we went up and got doughnuts, which were delicious, and then went and helped my aunt put tags on little bags full of soap. I’m going to shamelessly advertise here, and say that my aunt runs Bicycle Soap Co, and every single thing she makes is all natural, no added chemicals, nothing. I’m personally found of the french vanilla mint.

As of last Monday, I am offically! Accepted! Into! Pastry! School! And I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I start late September and basically I’m over the moon because I never, ever have to do Algebra two again if I don’t want to. WHICH IS THE BEST THING EVER, NATURALLY.

So…what’s been happening in your lifes, recently? Anything exciting happen?

Happy Tuesday,



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