Beautiful People #19


I am here today, to continue talking about my dragon WIP, All the King’s Horses! (if you go on Twitter and yell at me, I’ll give you a snippet!). This link up is hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In, and is awesome and you should totally do it and all that.

Do they want to get married and/or have children? Why or why not?

Alice doesn’t, at least, not right now. She’s too focused on her survival, and she’s grown up in horrible conditions, and been by herself since she was twelve years old. If she does have children, it would be a long way down the line, once she feels safe, and she’s not sure she’ll ever feel safe. And as for marriage, she’s not interested. For one, she’s asexual, and attraction between dragons tends to be very, very sexual first, and romantic later. Also, dragons view marriage differently. There are no documents to sign, no ceremony or party afterward. They just decide they’re mates, they’re mates, and that’s it.

Cal, on the other hand, does. He wants to get married and have kids one day, he just worries he won’t. Either because of the war, or because someone wouldn’t want to marry/have kids with a prince, especially a prince with such a messed up family.

What is their weapon of choice? (It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical weapon.)

Alice: teeth and claws and fire.

Cal: a book. Also Alice, if she’s around.

What’s the nicest thing they’ve done for someone else, and why did they do it?

I can’t give you Alice’s because spoilers, but before the book, probably the nicest thing Alice ever did was give some of her food (her extremely hard-earned food), to another dragonette (baby dragon) who was in around the same position she was in. Parents taken by the king, they managed to get away, ect. They shared food, slept in the same abandoned barn, and parted ways the next morning.

For Cal, it’s probably been that he’s been taking care of his younger sister for the past five years. His mom left when Cal was fourteen, unable to deal with the royal family and all their backstabbing and meanness. She would have taken Cal and Burberry with her, but since they’re in line to the throne, it would be considered kidnapping. Cal’s dad is very…strandoffish, and wasn’t really meant to be a dad, and so the brunt of looking after Burberry fell on Cal. Cal doesn’t mind.

Have they ever been physically violent with someone, and what instigated it?

Alice: Yes. all the time. for whatever reason. Possibly just because she’s annoyed.

Cal: He’s been in a couple of fistfights, admittedly recluctantly, and it’s always because his older cousins backed him into a corner and he had to fight his way to get out. 

Are they a rule-follower or a rebel?

Alice is a rebel. The only rules she follows are her own.

Cal is somewhere in between. He was raised to be a rule-follower, but all of the rules don’t exactly sit right with him, so he breaks them, and tends to be feel horribly guilty after. But still, he breaks them.

Are they organized or messy?

Alice is organized, because she never knows when she’d have to get up and leave, and so she always knows where everything is.

Cal is…hard to explain. To an outsider, his room would appear to be a mess, but he has a system, and he always knows where to find everything. All the books piled in the left hand corner are fiction, the ones propped against the right wall are atlases, the papers on his desk are the newest battle reports, the ones on his bed are paperwork he needs to fill out, ect.

What makes them feel loved, and who was the last person to make them feel that way?

To Alice, it’s the feeling that someone actually sees her and cares for her, and doesn’t just dismiss her as a dragon, or flinch away when she comes close, stuff like that. The last people to make her feel loved were her parents.

Cal is similar to Alice; he feels love when someone sees him as something other than the prince. The last people to make him feel loved were Burberry and his aunt and uncle.

What do they eat for breakfast?

Alice will eat literally anything she can get her hands on. The more meat in it the better. In the “stables”, where she’s kept during the novel, she gets two hardboiled eggs and four slices of bacon. She is less than pleased with this arrangement. She likes good food, and she does not call hardboiled eggs and too-greasy bacon good food.

Cal’s breakfasts are very practical. Oatmeal with fruit, yogurt and honey, a bagel with cream cheese. Anything he can eat quickly and will still fill him up.

Have they ever lost someone close to them? What happened?

Alice’s parents were captured by royal soldiers when she was twelve. She managed to get away by hiding in human form, but her parents weren’t so lucky. She has no idea if they’re dead or alive.

Cal’s mom, as mentioned above, left when he was fourteen. And other than that? Spoilers.

What’s their treat of choice? (Or, if not food, how else do they reward themselves?)

Alice likes chocolate. Really, really loves it. But it’s expensive, and so she never gets it.

Cal is a fan of berries in whipped cream. And, it’s not uncommon for him to buy himself a book about a practicularly long day.

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12 thoughts on “Beautiful People #19

  1. Cal’s bookwormness is my favourite thing. NO WAIT. Alice’s dragonness is my favourite. ❤ Okay fine I just love them both and I loooove that your combining dragons and books and stabby attitudes SO THIS IS GLORIOUS. 😀 I loved reading it, Aine! Thanks for joining in!!


    1. I’M GLAD YOU LIKE IT. I basically decided to shove all my favorite things into a novel (books and dragons and snarky stabby characters and food) and I’m having SO MUCH FUN writing it.


    1. Both in the knowledge sense and I-can-hit-some-with-this-hard-heavy-thing sense. It’s funny, though, because you aren’t the first person to say that to me. I wonder why that is?


  2. I can’t get past the image of a dragon gobbling up chocolate. Something about that is just too entirely precious and even though she probably wouldn’t appreciate it, I want to give Alice all of the hugs. She sounds entirely cool, and I want to read about her.
    Cal sounds like the kind of guy I’d get a serious crush on. Bookish, kind, responsible, oh, and he’s friends with a dragon. Also, /this/ : “Cal is…hard to explain. To an outsider, his room would appear to be a mess, but he has a system, and he always knows where to find everything. All the books piled in the left hand corner are fiction, the ones propped against the right wall are atlases, the papers on his desk are the newest battle reports, the ones on his bed are paperwork he needs to fill out, ect.” I relate to his organization system on oh so many levels.
    Keep writing, and keep blogging!


    1. I’ve got this theory that dragons have massive sweet teeth (tooths?).
      People seem to really like Cal, which I’m glad about. I was worried I was making him a bit too “perfect” and therefor annoying.


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